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Venus In Sagittarius Celebrities And Their Style…

Share the story – it’s the beauty of those born with Venus in stellar Sagittarius…


It’s Not Horseplay All The Way With Venus In Sagittarius…


People with this placement are friendly, uplifting, and above all else FUN!

Yes, the Venus in Sagittarius person is outgoing, adventurous and optimistic in love. If you’re born during this transit you’re likely to appreciate truth and a candid approach from others.

You like to learn and share experience through relationships, and overall love is a wonderful adventure.


Venus in Sagg people tend to be athletic, with a fresh faced beauty that radiates an outdoorsy glow.

Their word for flirtation? Unbridled! With a Jupiter ruled zodiac sign covering all things beauty you can expect a touch of exaggeration in their dress up style as well as a risk adverse approach to style.

Just see the stars that boast both sun and Venus in the Archers sign…


Sun and Venus in Sagittarius Beauties – Nicky Minaj, Jane Fonda, Christina Applegate, Tina TurnerChristina Aguilera, Kim Basinger, Julie Delphy, Amanda Seyfreid, Rita Ora, Raven Symoné and Kelly Brook…

Doesn’t matter the shade of red just make it glossy and gorgeous!

There are just five possible Sun signs for those with Venus in Sagittarius: Libra through to Aquarius. See which celebrities share your Sun and Venus sign…

Celebrities With Venus in Sagittarius

Venus In Sagittarius With A Libra Sun

libra-nico  susanne-somers  Bella_Thorne  dawn-french-libra

Christa Päffgen ‘Nico’ ☆ Suzanne Somers ☆ Bella Thorne ☆ Dawn French ☆ Keyshia Cole ☆ Angela Lansbury ☆ Margaret Thatcher ☆

Venus In Sagittarius With A Scorpio Sun

kelly-osbourne  kendall-jenner-kardashian-astrology  anne-hathaway  katy-perry  jamie-lee-cutis

☆ Kelly Osbourne ☆ Kendall Kardashian ☆ Ann Hathaway ☆ Katy Perry ☆  Sasha Cohen ☆ Nicollette Sheridan ☆ Jean Seberg ☆ Jamie Lee Curtis ☆

Venus In Sagittarius With A Sagittarius Sun – Double Sagittarius!

christina-aguilera  alyssa-milano  sagittarius-christina-applegate  sagittarius-Amanda-Seyfried  Nicki Minaj  rita-ora-sagittarius

Christina AguileraAlyssa Milano ☆ Kim Basinger ☆ Beatrice Dalle ☆ Tina Turner ☆ Judi Dench ☆ Julie Delphy ☆ Jane Fonda ☆ Christina Applegate ☆ Amanda Seyfreid ☆ Nicky Minaj ☆ Rita Ora ☆ Sinead O’Connor ☆ Raven Symoné ☆ Teyana Taylor ☆

Venus In Sagittarius With A Capricorn Sun

nigella-lawson  capricorn-donna-summer  vanessa-paradis  capricorn-carolina-herrera  Capricorn-Georgia-May-Jagger

Nigella Lawson ☆ Donna Summer ☆ Vanessa Paradis ☆ Carolina HerreraGeorgia Jagger ☆  Christian Louboutin ☆ Eliza Dushku ☆ Francoise Hardy ☆ Michelle Stanley ☆ Diane Sawyer ☆

Venus In Sagittarius With An Aquarius Sun


☆ Anita Pallenberg ☆ Farrah Fawcett ☆ Emma Bunton ☆ Melanie Safka ☆ Jeanne Moreau ☆ Rosamund Pike ☆ Tatyna Ali ☆

venus-in-astrologyDiscover more about Venus and see the other styles of the zodiac signs, here.

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