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Sagittarius Scarlett… Sun & Sagittarius Rising!

The Star Has A Scorpio Moon, And Venus In Capricorn...

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Scarlett Johansson was born November 22nd, 1984, making her a Sagittarius.

The world’s highest-paid actress in 2018 and 2019, she made her film debut age nine, with her first leading role at eleven.

Notoriously adventurous, spirited and outgoing, Sagittarius are optimistic, uplifting people to be around. They’re wise, deeply moral and enjoy teaching and preaching to others, too. Saggys are said to be freedom loving, exciting and tireless

Let’s explore her Star Sign Style!

Sun In Sagittarius ☆ Moon In Scorpio ☆ Venus In Capricorn ☆ Sagittarius Rising

With Jupiter – the chart ruler – in Capricorn, as well as Venus and Neptune, we can sense great practicality in the character of Johansson, and plenty of talent putting herself to work.

With a watery twelfth house, and earthy second house (both hosting a fair few planets each) these two zones are heavily highlighted in the chart, and suggest to me Scarlett is observant, and puts her observations to good use.

Saturn in the twelfth house is particularly ‘happy’ and effective, despite the Scorpio Moon being in its ‘fall’, so while she may not be wholly able to access or express her feelings, there is something else at work in her psyche or subconscious that allows her to deliver.

As Uranus and Mercury appear in the first house, we have a restless energy, someone who is able to get up and change it up!

Scarlett – Perfect In Purple…


The best colour for Sagittarius is deep purple, and rich blue hues, which convey the wisdom and spirituality connected to the sentiments of the sign. In terms of fashion style, Sagittarius like less fuss, more fun! They’re bold in their choices and prefer functionality over fuss and frills, and they look great in sports gear too…

So Scarlett’s Somewhat Scorpio…

Scarlett’s got a string of celestial bodies in Scorpio, Pluto, Saturn, and the Moon, and has said she feels more of a Scorpio at heart. The role of Black Widow seems a fitting one!

Scarlett Johansson Birth Chart…Scarlett Johansson Astrology

Scarlett Johansson Born 22nd November 1984, At 7.00am In New York, USA…

Birthday Buddies: Scarlett shares her birthday with fellow actress Jamie Lee Curtis

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