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Venus In Capricorn Celebrities And Their Style…

Share the story – it’s the beauty of those born with Venus in conservative Capricorn…

Venus in Capricorn are serious people, practical in matters of the heart with a steady approach to love emotions and romance.

They might well treat relationships in a business-like manner, with a long-term plan – or at least looking to the future.

As super ambitious beings, their partnership can be seen much like an investment to them, and they’re likely to value maturity and someone dependable in a relationship (potentially someone reliable or that can earn well!)

Realistic and cautious, they’re hardworking, disciplined and discriminating – not the type to fall head over heels at a glance!

The usual rashness of Sagittarius might be pared down a little with this constellation in the mix, and the dreamy style of Pisces is bought back down to earth too.

Aquarius Sun people might be more career focussed and Scorpio could be more driven, with added Cardinal energy in addition to their Fixed stance.

Venus In Capricorn Fashion Style…

The fashion style of the Venus in Capricorn person is practical – these people love investment pieces, craftsmanship and quality above all else.

They’re a hardworking bunch and they’ll appreciate if clothes are made from materials that wear well, they’ll not stand for a cheap, cheerful piece to ‘make-do’, although they’re not snobby about it, they just see sense in things lasting so they cultivate good taste!

Venus in Capricorn suit conservative colours too – black and charcoal greys look super, with cuts that are more prudent and understated.

Venus In Capricorn Beauty Style…

People born with Venus in Capricorn can go for a classic look.

These people tend to have really good bone structure, and generally quite fine frames.

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Celebrities With Venus in Capricorn

Venus In Capricorn With A Scorpio Sun


☆ Björk Guðmundsdóttir ☆

Venus In Capricorn With A Sagittarius Sun

sagittarius-anna-faris  britney  miley-cyrus  Scarlett-Johansson

☆ Tyra Banks ☆ Daryl Hannah ☆ Britney Spears ☆ Anna Faris ☆ Miley Cyrus ☆ Scarlett Johansson ☆

Venus In Capricorn With A Capricorn Sun – Double Capricorn!

capricorn-kate-bosworth  abbey-clancy  capricorn-january-jones  capricorn-faye-dunaway   helena rubinstein
☆ Irina Shayk ☆ Kate Bosworth ☆ Abby Clancy ☆ January Jones ☆ Faye Dunaway ☆ Dolly Parton ☆ Helena Rubenstein ☆

Venus In Capricorn With An Aquarius Sun

☆ Isla Fisher ☆ Julia Fox

Venus In Capricorn With A Pisces Sun

ashley  cindy-crawford

☆ Cindy Crawford ☆ Erykah Badu

venus-in-astrologyDiscover more about Venus and see the other styles of the zodiac signs, here.

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