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moon cape alexander mcqueen

Autumn / Winter 2016, Between Dreams And Reality…

This incredible silver embroidered cape and dress from Alexander McQueen has caught my eye – with crescent moon’s adorning the waist and shoulders, stars scatters across its entirety and many full moons decorating the hem… Mesmerising.

Alexander McQueen Womenswear Autumn / Winter 2016

Silver Moon Cape!

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Sarah Jane Burton has created the most stunning collection.

The Creative Director of Alexander McQueen was born 19th August 1974, making her a triple Leo (Sun, Mercury and Venus). The sign of Leo burns bright with creative prowess; she boasts the moon and Mars in the sign of the natural designer: Virgo (see the rest of the pack, all the Virgo fashion designers, here).

The celestial moon and star gown and cape are encrusted with tiny silver and gold beads and sequins.

Ideal for the boudoir: sheer, embroidered and over-embroidered, opulent and bejewelled the embellishment is beautifully elaborate.

Words of Inspiration…

From the McQueen website:

Like a magical sprite beneath a starlit sky, this season’s McQueen woman drifts between dream and reality obsessively gathering precious treasures on her way. She is a night creature inhabiting a charmed and Surreal world.

Intoxicating white flowers that bloom only after dark – Magnolia, Tuberose and Jasmine – clock faces edged with pearls, jewelled eyes and floating lips, owls, moths, doves, swans and the mythical unicorn travel with her. So too does the archetypal symbol of womanhood, the moon. Spellbound by vanity also, antique perfume bottles, dressing table mirrors and powder compacts further embellish her clothing.

Her wardrobe is hyper-feminine, ethereal and gently cocooning juxtaposed with references to the men’s tailoring tradition that remains at the heart of the house of Alexander McQueen. A tender spirit finds light in the darkness. Evening dressing: tuxedo, boudoir and lingerie inspired.

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