Astrology Aromatherapy

zodiac perfume Soular Therapy

Inspired by the stars, Kevin and Andrew launched their Astrological Aromatherapy line in 1999.

Soular Therapy represents the twelve astrological signs through scents, embracing the wisdom of astrology.

The ancient formulations of plant and flower extracts are associated and believed to be beneficial to the individual star signs.

Soular Therapy’s Astrological Aromatherapy

Cosmic Collection Product Range…


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Heavenly Home Soy-based Candles,

Heavenly Body Skin Scents and

Celestial Shower Body Washes.

Each product is presented in sophisticated, hand-finished white packaging that reflects the each sign’s individual crest and colour.

Where Can I Buy The Astrological Aromas?

These star sign scents are available for purchase in selected boutiques and high end departments stores, including Liberty of London and Le Bon Marche, Paris.

For a full list of retailers, please refer to the listings here.

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