Star Sign Scents! Zodiac Perfume By Demeter Fragrance…


The stars have aligned to bring you a signature scent!

New York-based Demeter Fragrance Library has created a unisex zodiac themed collection and I for one am starry eyed over their perfect perfumes!

Drawing on the elements: fire, earth, air and water, the scents express the astrological essence of a zodiac sign.

“artfully designed to reflect the specific traits, strengths and energy of each zodiac sign”

For example Libra, sign of justice, balance, and harmony aims for “balance and proportion,” blending notes of wild Yuzu, clove leaf, anise, and precious woods.

Feisty fire sign Leo has rich, musky tones of black Myrrh, Indonesian teawood, black pepper, and bitter orange blossom.

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Despite their complexity the Zodiac fragrances are designed to be meant to be mixed and matched.

You can blend and layer all the scents to create a customized aroma just for you!

12-piece Foolproof Blending Sampler Set – $35.00 USD

Buy it here at

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