Team Libra! Kim Kardashian Launches New Shade After Her Star Sign…


Of course the Libra with Venus in Virgo gets it perfect.

Kim Kardashian has just released a new eyeshadow in the stunning shade “Libra” in time for the full moon in Libra this Saturday – March 31st!


Looks like Jupiter moving through the stars sign in 2016 was all about her launching her new venture – her beauty business.

A Metallic cobalt blue called Libra is a shade in our palette. @makeupbymario & I are both Libras & this shade of blue is special to us because I would fight against color & one time when I was on my phone & not paying attention he did a blue eye & I freaked out but then looked in the mirror I loved it! We fight over which look we should do all the time but this blue eye reminds me to trust him lol 4-5 KKW X MARIO KKWBEAUTY.COM

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