My Top 5 Things To Do During Sagittarius Season!

Inspiration for activities during the Sun's tour of Sagittarius...

There’s a reason for each and every season, but what to during the archer’s reign? Discover my Top 5 Things To Do During Sagittarius Season, with cosmic inspiration!

Party On!

General events every Sagittarius Season include:

What to do during this month, when the Sun moves through Sagittarius…

1. Spread Cheerful Tidings!

From Christmas carols to well-wishes sent far and wide on greeting cards, there are so many ways to spread the love during Sagittarius Season – so deck the halls and share good tidings of great joy!

Sagittarius is an optimistic, generous, jubilant fire sign; its modality is ‘mutable’, so it’s one of the signs that has agility, momentum, and scatters its energy all around.

Singing, loud bells, and broadcasting your words across international boarders helps your message go further, and reflects the sentiments of this expressive zodiac sign.

Remember that the element fire, which belongs to Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius, is all about faith, belief in the possibilities, and the passion in our human nature.

Be like Sagittarius and shoot your arrows of cheer and festivity!

2. Be Excessive…

OK, obviously there’s a reason for moderation, but really that’s something best left to Virgo Season. This time of year invites us to go over the top!

That’s because Sagittarius is governed by the planet of excess in astrology: Jupiter, the largest planet in the Solar System.

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From office parties, as the working year draws to a close, to festivities and opportunities to gorge, shop and live to excess, turn up the music and remember to practice healthy boundaries – and put your safety first!

3. Decorate With Lots Of Light!

Winter – and Capricorn Season – is coming, but first, let there be light!

From Christmas trees and decorations (and dancing) in the street, hang lanterns and strings of lights at every corner…

Remember, Sagittarius is mutable fire, and this is a time ideally placed to brighten up all avenues!

4. Warm Hearts, Souls & Spirits…

Seek out meaning, through a quest or connection to something sacred, now.

Sagittarius is the sign with most affinity to philosophy, religion and spiritual matters, so duck into a place of worship before the year is through!

5. Sagittarius Season – Time To Go Global!

Add an international feeling during Sagittarius Season, visiting relatives in faraway places. Pack up the car and go! Or get in touch via phone or email.

Winter travel can be inspiring and make for a beautiful scene – particularly if it involves some Sagittarius signatures: horses, learning, taking a risk.. 

Why not learn to ride on horseback?

What are your choice activities for Sagittarius Season? Let me know on social channels! Twitter, Instagram or Facebook!

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