Ursa Major, Super Natural Skin Care!

Ursa Major sunscreen

Ursa Major Super Natural Skin Care

OMG I could not not tell you about this amazing new discovery – a super natural skin care brand… Best product?

Force Field Daily Defense Lotion

Force Field Daily Defense Lotion

Non-greasy, fragrance free, lightweight and a perfect makeup base, this is a sunscreen / moisturizer combo.

Good for oily skin, it has soothing aloe, deep hydrators and anti-aging ingredients. Certified Organic ingredients, so no nasty sulfates, parabens or toxins.

$54.00 (1.7 oz)

Remember, SPF measures the ability to block UVB rays, which cause sunburn. UVA rays cause deeper damage and are aging. SPF 18 blocks over 93% of incoming rays (SPF 30 blocks 97%).

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