Valentine’s Day – Style By Zodiac Sign…

Chocolates, Champagne and Charm or Spontaneous Fun?! Find out with astrology...

Your guide to what each sign wants on the day of LOVE!

Zodiac-Pin-Up-Girls-AriesValentine’s Day for Aries…

Aries is naive optimistic both in life and love.

If this sign’s been burned they’ll only come right back for more because they quickly forget past hurts and they love the thrill of the chase!

However! Once they’re through there’s no looking back, see the back of an Aries and wave bye-bye for good! They like to be first, and re-visiting tainted, old romances ain’t their style.

Gifting an Aries?

Win Aries’ heart with red roses – you don’t have to go OTT but this sign is a romantic at heart and will love being spoiled with a token of your affection.


Valentine’s Day for Taurus…

Zodiac-Pin-Up-Girls-TaurusIn charge of her senses, Tauro knows the best food, wine and has the best taste in town!

Let her pick the restaurant, thank you, or if you select the location of your dinner date ensure it’s fabulous. She’ll want the finest fodder and no mistake.

If you’re romancing on the home front cook a sumptuous meal – and don’t forget desert. Light a candle, have a vase or three of fresh flowers, ambience is key (soft music please!)

And how to please the Bull mentally? Offer devotion and above all security, this zodiac sign wants to know you’re sticking around.

Gifting a Taurus?

It can be practical, it must be beautiful – attractive chocolates are a winner (go for the more expensive kind).

Valentine’s Day for Gemini…

Zodiac-Pin-Up-Girls-GeminiGemini needs to breathe and feel free as a bird – don’t attempt to pin her down, you’ll see a road-runner cloud, a puff of smoke in the distance as she’s heading for the hills!

Gently-gently catch a monkey…

Win her mind with your cleverness and witty insights. She won’t bear you if you’re dry and boring º– you gotta have a brain dear scarecrow!

Activities will keep her occupied on a date, think: the fun-fair or a romantic walk through the city with plenty of sights to surprise and delight. Then swoop in for a snog that knocks her socks off!!

Gifting a Gemini?

Walkie talkies, or handcuffs…

Valentine’s Day for Cancer…

Zodiac-Pin-Up-Girls-CancerRomantic, tender and nostalgic, Cancer people are fairly easy to please on Valentines Day, they love to get caught up in soppy feelings and sentiments.

Offer a gesture that’s genuine, in tune with your feelings and her emotions – plus a splash of nostalgia – if that’s not too much to ask!

Gifting a Cancer?

If you can make the Crab feel safe and secure you’re on to a good thing, a token of your future together is a gesture they’ll adore.

Zodiac-Pin-Up-Girls-LeoValentine’s Day for Leo…

Leo is the King of the zodiac, so must be treated like royalty, which they’ll probably remind you of, one way or another.

Gifting a Leo?

Gestures should be big and bountiful, Leo can suffer from delusions of grandeur at times so show them you’re their biggest cheerleader! Love and adoration must be showered upon their crown – if you haven’t got the pocket money for an impressive gift then you’d better be good at writing songs…

Focus could be on the partner this year for Leo, they could be warm and generous with YOU!


Zodiac-Pin-Up-Girls-VirgoValentine’s Day for Virgo…

Virgo will surely be feeling the most romantic of the zodiac this year, with Venus in the hottest part of the horoscope! It’s a good time to celebrate and have fun!

Gifting a Virgo?

A somewhat serious sign, Virgo’s of the zodiac appreciate a genuine offering however can’t bear false gestures of love, that smack of gaudiness or extravagance.

If you’re in the in-between stages of liking-dating-loving a Virgo then play it safe and understated.

They’ll respect you more for a modest approach but be sure to offer your heart in one way or another – make it tangible and real or offer up your services around the house, running errands… That speaks of true romance to Virgo. Remember this is a very discriminating earth sign, they’ll expect you to be too!


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Zodiac-Pin-Up-Girls-LibraValentine’s Day for Libra…

Venus is activating your home sector this Valentines day Libra so it might be a good one to spend at home, preparing a gorgeous candlelit supper…

Gifting a Libra?

Libra likes the graces of St Valentines Day most, flowers must be beautiful, appropriate and chic, music must be sophisticated, a restaurant well-chosen and refined.

Expect Libra to dress impeccably for your outing and to be a perfect picture – a vision of Valentines!

She loves to be in love and if you know a single Libra lady do take her out today… Don’t be an unreliable force in the life of Libra, do secretly let her be boss.

Zodiac-Pin-Up-Girls-ScorpioValentine’s Day for Scorpio…

Mars in is your sign this year, that means you’re feeling extra energised – you may even need to tone it down a little, not everyone can keep up!

Gifting a Scorpio?

Scorpio is the natural seductress and can turn on the charm (and their partner) at the drop of a hat.

This sign has all the necessary tools at their disposal for a knock-out night of passion and will arouse any suitor in a one hundred mile radius.

Celebrate with Scorpio in a private locale, they like dark, mysterious places, then give something thoughtful (there’s a lot of thinking going on under those still waters!)

Eat exotic dishes that double as an aphrodisiac (if you dare…) Indulge in some really, really good red wine and play footsie under the table… Sizzle-sizzle…


Valentine’s Day for Sagittarius…

Zodiac-Pin-Up-Girls-SagittariusSagittarius has plenty of joie de vivre – not just for St Valentine but for everyone!

Always up for adventure you can count on the Archer to discover somewhere new with you.

Gifting a Sagittarius?

Saggy loves to roam and discover new territories so be her pal and join for the ride – you know it’ll be fun! Buy her something bold and exciting for the journey.


Valentine’s Day for Capricorn…


Venus is in your sign for St Valentine’s, Capricorn, so you’ve got gorgeous goddess power on your side – anything you wear will wow.

Gifting a Capricorn?

Make sure it’s something high quality, and not a total waste of (their) time and money.

This sign is diligent and hardworking, and might barely stop to see what the Valentine’s fuss is about!

Still, if you notice a sideward glance showing interest, coax the Goat with classy champs and jewellery that says forever (meaning she can keep it forever).

Capricorn has a wild sense of humour under that stiff upper lip, and a night taking in a well-chosen play could win their heart, as long as it’s got a good script.

They will equally enjoy stimulating conversation over wine, crackers and cheese or a grown-up supper somewhere – especially if they meet some impressive characters on the way!

Valentine’s Day for Aquarius…

Zodiac-Pin-Up-Girls-AquariusEvery year solar power shines brightly on the Water Bearer babes, who is known as the emotionally detached zodiac sign that’s friendly and not overly romantic.

Gifting an Aquarius?

This radical sign is unusual and values a present that’s different. Give them something quirky and extraordinary to win their hearts, and win their minds by being a friend first and foremost.

The humanitarian of the zodiac, Aquarius is a popular social butterfly, although as an air sign they like to oversee things from on high (in the sky!)

Don’t expect her to get her hands dirty with emotional tussles – she’ll only play it cool, calm and collected.

Be fair, square, weird and wonderful to top their charts.

Valentine’s Day for Pisces…

Zodiac-Pin-Up-Girls-PiscesDreamy Pisces adores any excuse to celebrate love in any of its forms. Get carried away at every opportunity: a card, chocolates, flowers and champagne – a surprise dinner booking and more! Rose petals strewn across the bed or any touch to elevate the day…

Gifting a Pisces?

Romantic at the drop of a hat, you could buy the Fish a new cutlery set and it would have a deeply sentimental and loving connotation, somehow!

Their fantastic imagination has transformative magical powers, but don’t test them out – present them with a spa voucher, foot massage or bathroom treats, heaven for the fish.

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