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Valentine’s Day Horoscope 2022 – Is Love Written In The Stars?

Check your forecast for Monday February 14th, and the cosmic weather for St. Valentines Day...

It’s the day of LOVE, and as the Moon moves into Leo (at 6.17 am EST) ahead of a Full Moon, we can be showy around our affections, at ease with grand gestures and even a performance!

Mercury shifts into Aquarius (at 4.53 pm EST), teaming up with the Sun and Saturn in this sign, bringing a friendly tone of logic. It’s always Aquarius Season when Valentines comes around, which makes for an ideal day to send out many sentiments of appreciation to all those in your circle. 

Why stop at one Valentine when all your pals would appreciate your heart?

As Mars and Venus, astrology’s lovers and co-pilots are TOGETHER in CAPRICORN, it’s an extra special day to align heady, ardent sexuality with flirty pleasures, indulgence and affections…

Here’s your horoscope by sign!


With the astrological lovers (Venus & Mars) together in your prominent tenth house, send a LOVE LETTER TO YOUR BOSS!!

Alternatively, there may be someone special who helps you appear accomplished and notorious who you’re keen to connect with…

Moon moves into your playful, romantic, creative house of personal passions and gratification, a flirty mood is yours to enjoy!!

Meanwhile, the Sun and Saturn are joined by Mercury in Aquarius today, bringing great attention and focus to your house of networks, friendship circles, and all you do with a crew – your allies and fellow man.

Keep ‘the greater good’ in mind, while also allowing space to touch on your own sexual magnetism, fertility, kids, desires and what makes you happy!

The Moon awakens you to your desires, with a need to spotlight talents, hobbies or solo affairs – including love-making!

Light a candle and warm up some massage oil. It may be cold outside with social issues and your peers calling, yet you can celebrate your own interests and passionate affections….


With the astrological lovers (Venus & Mars) together in your adventurous ninth house send LOVE LETTERS FAR & WIDE!

A foreigner or someone different may attract you, with enthusiasm around exploring the unfamiliar (including a loving relationship that exists with someone unlike you!)

Moon moves into your nesting zone, touching on your nurturing tendencies, your roots or domestic side. You could feel inclined toward home base, so be willing to refuel and settle in the family fold or familiar domestic settings…

Your worldly experiences and cultural discoveries dominate as the week begins, with a strong stellium in your house of specialist subjects, travel and long-distance ventures: Mercury, Pluto, Venus and Mars.

Lend attention to your path and global connections, a project or vision that broadens your outlook. Sense those outside influences and people that add to your outlook and perspective.

Teachers, truth seekers and guides may elevate your growth and personal expansion, so gravitate toward – and embrace – those that encourage you to devote time to your beliefs or the meaning you’ve discovered…


With the astrological lovers (Venus & Mars) together in your house of bonds, show you can commit, with a LETTER THAT SOLIDIFIES your PACT!

There may be one special agreement to affirm and confirm, or a person you’re currently actively interested in becoming devoted to…

Moon moves into your house of siblings, neighbors and local circles, so you may be in the mood to celebrate your closest ties, too! Welcome a warm, sociable tone, connection and rapport. Sense data, news and information being revealed to you – even a bit of gossip or hone in on your language and writing skills!

Your intimate relationships may dominate as the week begins, with a strong stellium in your sector of financial ties, personal obligations and agreements.

A strong stellium gathers in your house of mutually beneficial arrangements: Mercury, Pluto, Venus and Mars, so shared resources could be prominent.

However today, your ruling planet [Mercury] moves signs, heading into fellow air sign Aquarius and your ninth house of foreign perspectives, fresh outlooks and people further afield… With the Moon in Leo the way you communicate and express yourself may be key! Strike a balance between your mindset & opinion, and the interest you might show in a specialism, or expertise that leads you beyond your usual world (into the unknown).


With the astrological lovers (Venus & Mars) together in your opposite sign Capricorn, send a LOVE LETTER TO ALL THOSE KEY PPL on your HORIZON!

Look to those special individuals you deal with, one-on-one, and acknowledge them today…

As your celestial guide, the Moon moves into your zone of income, earnings, personal value and self-worth you may be in the mood to spend or check in with what you have in your possession… Spoil yourself and others, or take stock of all that’s been spend, saved or intangible assets and rewards due!

Your partnerships and personal relations may dominate as the week begins, with a strong stellium in your partnering zone: Mercury, Pluto, Venus & Mars.

Cast your gaze toward intimate encounters, with one-to-ones key There may be a compelling draw to enjoy togetherness, being in a pair or union, as well as taking your obligations seriously (say, with a contract on the table).

As Mercury shifts into Aquarius today, allow your mindset to become more formal – what you agree to around the formalities of jointly held resources are spotlighted! Sun and Saturn in Aquarius urge you to take what you owe, lend, share or promise another seriously.


With the astrological lovers (Venus & Mars) together in your industrious sixth house, send a Valentines to Your Cleaner, PA, Personal Trainer and Hairdresser – the person at work who makes your coffee or the lunch lady!

Moon moves into your sign, so you may need attention too, Leo… Enjoy the start to the week turning heads, make a little extra effort to be acknowledged, with a smile (+ chocolates or treats) for those in your habitual environment.

Sun and Saturn are joined by Mercury in Aquarius today, bringing great attention and focus to personal relationships and partnering, and all those you interact with or deal with one-on-one.

Keep others in mind, while also allowing space to appreciate who you are as a solo entity, your needs and ability to generously and warmly nurture yourself and others from your own heart…

While Aquarius Season fosters ways to be a team or collaborative partnership, a duo or co-pilot with others, today might feel important to go it alone, proving your own stance or outlook.

What’s more, you may be feeling extra sensitive!


With the astrological lovers (Venus & Mars) together in your fun, fifth house of LOVE, JOY, SEX, DATING & Fertility, allow others to prioritize your happiness!

Make a card or use your creative talents to do something flirty and even witty! Pen a poem or put together a classic bouquet…

Moon moves into your quiet house of closure, encouraging you to let go of expectations and your ego. Allow methods that are more mysterious, your intuition and sentiments that are unknowable to warm your spirits, stepping back for a quiet moment.

Veracious passions and your desires may dominate as the week begins, with a strong stellium in your house of recreation: Mercury, Pluto, Venus and Mars.

It’s important to make yourself happy (or drive ahead your love life, your relationship to kids or pregnancy, hobbies or projects), a feat that can consume you! Be prepared to devote yourself to personal pleasure, honouring the call and a pull to conceive, create, make love or channel a way to express yourself.

There’s potency around your abilities and the compulsion for gratification; let playful activities move you – entertain or throw a party, build your side hustle, or note your approach to sex, romance, and heartfelt pulls… You likely have a good grasp on your potential for happiness – now follow through!


With the astrological lovers (Venus & Mars) together in your zone of home, show those in your space your devotion, with a LETTER TO CARETAKERS, even a parent, elder or your ancestors…

Moon moves into your social sector of community, teamwork and friends, making for a lovely day to network, too! Welcome a warm tone to gather toward a group. Sense your people – even those you don’t know by name.

What’s being revealed to you about your company of peers? It may be time to celebrate your audience, including online!

Communicator Mercury moves signs, heading into fellow air sign Aquarius and your fifth house of personal plans and inspiration, love, sex, joy and heart – begin to think more in terms of your desires, what you like to do, what brings you happiness. Talk with those who inspire you to have a good time, discuss your preferences, a date or excursion – plan to enjoy yourself with your loved ones…

Yet note today Leo Moon rouses a need to collaborate far more broadly, with your audience, company, district or a wider group of peers and your social life or social scene in the picture. Participating as a part of something bigger may be necessary, being at ease with friends, colleagues, acquaintances or allies. Come together yet remember what’s important to you alone…


With the astrological lovers (Venus & Mars) together in your house of kindred spirits, send a LOVE LETTER TO A SPECIAL SISTER!

Indicate how much you value your rapport with those in your local area, with a smile and acknowledgement of those immediate ties, today. Bring cookies to work, or tell a close friend how much you appreciate them…

Moon moves into your zone of public image so you might be seen! Note a claim to fame and maximize visibility and prominence; be easily spotted in your public guise, profession or reputation…

Your local connections, siblings and kin may be dominant as the week begins, with reason to touch base with people like you – folk who think, speak and relate as you do! Raise your voice in a powerful fashion – speak up!

A stellium appears in your house of communication skills, teaching, learning and rapport: Mercury, Pluto, Venus and your traditional ruler Mars.

It may seem compelling to write, message speak or be a news source – to keep contact, tread familiar ground or explore and discover your area…

Talk over issues on your agenda, with personal relations giving you reason to stay in touch; be mobile, even influential around neighborhood issues. Allow current momentum to propel you and your tone of composure


With the astrological lovers (Venus & Mars) together in your practical second house, send a Love Letter and GIFT Voucher, displaying how much you value the one you adore!

Your personal capabilities and financial clout is likely motivating you to act, with others looking to you and what you can do…

Moon moves into your adventurous sector of higher education, worldly experience, travel, truth seeking and touches on a quest for meaning… You might feel inclined to explore or discover something started previously…

Sun and Saturn are joined by Mercury in Aquarius today, bringing great attention and focus to local contacts and close kin in your usual environment, siblings and your communication skills or mindset.

Yet today’s Moon in Leo rouses a warm mood and illuminates global connections, reminding you of those you feel warmly about further afield!

Find balance between the commonalities you’re keen to hone in on, discussions that are important to have on common ground, and, the way you navigate or broach social issues pertinent to you and yours, and the people, plans and projects that take you further.


With the astrological lovers (Venus & Mars) together in your sign allow others to send LOVE LETTERS YOUR WAY!

The stars indicate you’re full of yourself (!) so treat number one. Be embodied, in your presence, with no need for St. Valentine or Cupid for that matter! Look to yourself for the answers you seek, you hold great power…

Moon moves into your intimate, collaborative sector, encouraging you to rely on others, share or explore your mergers, bonds and intimate unions… Touch on jointly held issues or where you’re happy to work with an outside source of help (financial, practical or otherwise) …

Your presence, character and purpose may dominate as the week begins, with a strong stellium in your first house of solo endeavours.

Note the persona you’ve established, how you hold your own and command a strong figure; regard yourself as a powerhouse with irrepressible magnetism, knowing you’ve transformed over time… Relish your solo stance, and come across beautifully.

Yet you may sense a need for a partner’s input. Note the role others occupy, the part they play and the talents others show! You can’t do it all! Celebrate all you’ve accomplished as a joint endeavour – shared spaces & resources, too.


With the astrological lovers (Venus & Mars) together in your secretive twelfth house of clandestine affairs send a VALENTINES that’s discreet or totally anonymous!

You may be actively hiding your affections, keeping a relationship under wraps, or figuring out where you stand with others…

Moon moves into your house of partners, presenting the need to show sensitivity to others, to collaborate or come together as a pair. Take other people’s feelings into account, with opportunities to illuminate relationships!

The Sun and Saturn are joined by Mercury in your sign today, Aquarius, allowing you space to articulate your ideas a little more, with increased clarity and coherence on offer… Your own plans, projects, intentions and wisdom is in the spotlight, with much about you to garner attention.

And yet you might also sense other people’s perspective is a much-needed facet, an important part of your day!

Try to find the balance between your own responsibilities and serious endeavors that are yours alone and the need for a collaborator, co-pilot, or partner in crime! A plus one may make themselves know, yet they’re likely looking to you to take the helm…


With the astrological lovers (Venus & Mars) together in your community focused eleventh house, send a LOVE LETTER TO THE WORLD!

Alternatively, there may be a group of friends, a niche set of peers from your social landscape, or even a special crew you’re keen to connect with…

Moon moves into your busy house of maintenance, work and toil, so that the opportunity can arise to set about important tasks, showing you just how efficient and practical you are!

Your social life or engagements within a crew, fellowship, industry or company may dominate as the week begins, with a strong stellium in your house of friends and alliances.

Lend attention to your peers, involved with your community, coworkers, industry mates or online circles. Note any influential persons that have helped you understand your part in the group dynamic, and embrace a sense of team spirit.

Appreciate what you accomplish when you’re devoted and engaged with the collective, putting a collaboration top of your agenda.

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