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Valentine’s Day Horoscope 2019 – Is Love Written In The Stars?

Check your forecast for February 14th, and the cosmic weather for valentines...


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Aries, you could be feeling extra spontaneous or even erratic by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around, thanks to some supercharged stars in your zodiac sign.  It’s an awesome time to connect to friends, and yet you could also be feeling a bit antisocial. You’re in the midst of balancing the demands and responsibilities of your professional world, while recognizing some radical personal reinventions. Know that it’s okay to pull back for time in reflection; better to pause in thought than make a bold statement in haste!


Taurus, poignant personal experiences are now in motion, which are due to take on a more serious tone in the latter half of February. This could be connected to long-distance travel, overseas connections, knowledge or an outlook you’re developing, or projects that are taking their sweet time. Leverage your friends this Valentine’s Day, reaching out, speaking up and initiating contact. You may have just experienced a heady breakthrough, and will get your mojo back real soon! Practice patience, acceptance and splash out on dinner with that special someone.


Gemini, your zodiac sign is notorious for getting along swimmingly in a duo. Naturally adept at relating and interacting with those around you, you’re taking partnerships a little more seriously than usual this year. However you’ll need to ensure being coupled-up aligns with your greater purpose and position now, as the stars ask you to focus on the message you have to share in the wider world! Exciting experiences have your name all over them, Twinstar, it’s up to you if you need that +1…


Cancer, it’s a day for heightened private connections, with the moon travelling through the clandestine area of secrets, all that’s unseen–and unknowable–this Valentine’s Day. You’re soon going to be taking relationships of every kind very seriously, with plenty of action in store for your personal connections right just around the corner! In or out of a special union, show your luminous, gorgeous self, Moon Babe. You’ve liberated yourself in so many ways, now own your independent streak with or without a partner to have and to hold.


Leo, it’s a sociable Valentine’s, ideal for hanging out in a group or connecting to your circle of friends and yet it could be hard keeping it light, bright and breezy! Aquarius Seasonputs relationships front of mind and sentiments are deepening by the day. No doubt you’ll appreciate those that fit neatly into your schedule, and yet maintaining consistency might be counter-intuitive now. See what happens when you go with the flow little Lioness, and using your intuition on this day of love.


Virgo, of all the zodiac signs it’s possible you’ve the most exciting Valentine’s Day in store! It’s an intense time for your love life, as you’re getting super serious about what (and who) sparks joy, plus there’s been some breakthroughs around your sense of commitment, trust and loyalty. You might now sense extra responsibility, or have some realizations about what pleasure – and fun – looks like to you. Talking it out with friends or your lover will help make sense of any hard questions you’re looking to answer.


Libra, you might have had a heady start to 2019 as far as relationships go, with Mars injecting extra attention around your one-to-ones. Valentine’s Day marks the end of a spicy cycle, which has brought major emphasis to your personal encounters. While it’s been fun you might be aching to focus on settling into a more steady, reliable pace. Major shifts around home life, your foundations and surrounding spaces are incoming, so balance nesting and productive inclinations with lovers on this special day! 


Scorpio, home life and private connections are illuminated by the warm glow of sun and moon this Valentine’s Day, however rather than pulling back into a cozy nest your sense of connection is strong. You could be feeling expressive, compelled to speak up about a relationship matter you’re now taking very seriously. It’s an ideal time to think about the formalities of close ties – not just a lover but friends, too. Excitement lies just ahead for personal relationships and you may need to shift your outlook!


Sagittarius, you’re highly receptive and attuned to others this Valentine’s Day, it’s an ideal time to remind yourself of the importance of having a trusted, loyal lover to have and to hold! Despite the emphasis currently surrounding your position, interests, projects and current ventures, look to what it is collaborations bring you. Of all the zodiac signs, you have the most to learn from teaming up this year; set aside what it is you’re keenly establishing solo in favor of ‘we’ time with someone extra special.


Capricorn, you could be busy this Valentine’s Day, dealing with the final leg of domestic excitement, emotional upheaval, or another jarring matter in your private life. Nevertheless, it’s actually an amazing time to set aside your sense of autonomy, to lean into partnership and camaraderie! For you, luck is on your side when you couple up, so take a colleague to lunch or let a special person know you care. You’ll be able to pen an exceptionally sweet message full of emotionally soothing sentiments! Buy that valentines card…


Aquarius, sparks can really fly for you this Valentine’s Day, as your thoughts, outlook and sense of expression are supercharged! It’s likely you’ll find it hard to hold back among friends, colleagues or even with your lover, so remember to take a pause in moments of passion. A lot is going on in your private life and although your head may be swimming it’s a good day to connect with what you need to do. Check off the tasks on your list then be sure to have fun!


Pisces, the moon is urging you to nest and rest this Valentine’s Day, so take a step back from social engagements and be at ease recharging! You may have been working extra hard lately, flourishing in your position and making headway. It might be very tempting to gather together in a group setting, and yet there’s something to be said for following your own bliss. Indulge in your own passions and personal interests – including romance; after all it’s the day of love!




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