Which Goddess Are You? See: The Venus Palette…

Adoring Aphrodite and the Venusian offerings from Lime Crime...

I absolutely adore my VENUS palette and am tempted to buy another! But which one to choose?

Thankfully help is at hand, with this nifty quiz and suggestions by zodiac sign!


The Lime Crime Venus is the goddess of self-love, inspiring and empowering beauties everywhere to unleash their unique style upon earth – heaven!

Each Venus inspired set has a timeless appeal and a modern edge, each with distinctly different aesthetics. Which goddess are you?

90s Grunge – Venus I

Perfect for Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius…

I love the original Venus Makeup Palette from Lime Crime, laden with eight strong eyeshadows in a range of warm, delicious tones.

Russian beauty Doe Deere seems to love ancient mythology, using a vision of Venus as her muse. You can pick up ‘Venus, The Grunge Palette‘ and ‘Venus II‘ together too!

Buy it here.

Grit, Grime, And Glam – VENUS II

Perfect for Aries and Scorpio…

Gloriously glam for Mars-ruled Aries and Scorpio, she can show her fierce, hardcore side with both cool and warm tones, unexpected shimmer and saturated color.

Buy it here.

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Divine + Dreamy – Venus III

Perfect for Cancer and Pisces… 

Water signs Pisces and Cancer are undeniably dreamy and divine, and this palette will compliment them both, beautifully… With lavender visions, sunset pinks and heavenly shimmer for starry eyes, she’s softcore grunge with a strong yet serene femme energy.

Buy it here.

Full On Goddess – Venus XL

Perfect for Taurus and Libra…

With the ultimate collection of radiating reds, golden roses, berries, punchy pinks, and bronzed neutrals, this palette reigns supreme. Ideal for Venusian beauties Taurus (who rocks a vibrant pink) and Libra, queen of a statement feminine look.

Buy it here.


Down To Earth – Venus XL 2

Perfect for Gemini, Virgo and Capricorn…

Earthy Virgo and Capricorn will blossom and bloom in this garden of delights, a curated collection featuring down-to-earth browns, poetic pinks that pop, mid-tone neutrals and lush sage greens. Mercurial Gemini will love it too!

Buy it here.

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Read more about her Zodiac Glitter pots here from this cult brand – Lime Crime.

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