What Happens When You Shave Your Face?

Let's discover the pros and cons of face shaving!

What happens when you shave your face…

In the name of research I’m going to shave my face.

It’s not total lunacy though, with reports that one can age better because of it.

At least that’s what the beauty experts say…

Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe and Cleopatra were all said to shave their faces, and some dermatologists are endorsing the idea, so should women really shave their face?

Why Women Shave Their Face…

The number one reason women would look to remove hair or shave their face will be the appearance of their hair, which could be naturally very dark or thick.

Women have facial hair just like men, although it’s usually finer ‘vellum hair’.

Hormonal imbalances, conditions like Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) and Menopause can increase facial hair growth, or more noticeable hair can simply be genetic.

Those with dark or excessive facial hair can feel self-conscious, even if it’s simply a shadow that’s created. 

Make-up can cling to hair too, or it can simply be very obvious if it’s ‘downy’.

The benefits for  regular face shaving are that it improves the complexion. Skin feels and looks smoother, cleaner, brighter and fresher!

Products like serums and moisturisers are absorbed better and make-up goes on more evenly and easily, especially foundation.

It can also give skin a healthier colour and improves its condition. It’s cheap, quick, and in addition to removing fine hairs, the act of shaving is exfoliating too, removing the top layer of dead skin cells.

So, what happens when you shave your face?

Aesthetic clinician, Dr Michael Prager says:

‘From an anti-ageing point of view, home shaving has some effect. It’s like a mild form of microdermabrasion, so encourages collagen production, which reduces wrinkles. Whenever there’s trauma to the skin, collagen is stimulated to help cell renewal.’

What’s more he says hair won’t grow back thicker.

‘The notion that shaving influences regrowth is wrong. Cutting off hair above the root won’t cause any feedback to the follicle, which is the live part that produces the hair and sits below the skin. People might think hair looks thicker because it comes out at a different angle or blunt, rather than tapered to a natural point, but it won’t be changed on a cellular level.’ 

Dermatologist Dr Neal Schultz claims shaving is why men are said to age better than women.

‘Most men shave their faces — and thereby exfoliate two-thirds of their face — regularly for years’.

Aesthetic doctor Dr Barbara Kubicka warns about irritation and cuts.

‘There are more beneficial ways to exfoliate without the side-effects that come with shaving,’ she says. Instead, she suggests using a facial cleansing brush or home-use Derma-roller treatments.

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Many skin clinics offer a service called ‘Dermaplaning’, also known as blading.

Carried out by a professional it’s an almost identical treatment.

Promoted as ‘manual exfoliation’ removing rough, dead or damaged cells and hair for healthier, smoother skin, without damaging capillaries, it’s now an alternative to aggressive exfoliators.

Those in the know say that claims that facial hair grows back thicker and darker is a myth.

I’d advise that if shaving your legs has encouraged your hair to significantly grow back thicker, darker and stronger, then, for a woman, face-shaving would not be recommended.

Advice For Face Shaving…

  • Use a lighter touch than you would shaving your legs,
  • Keep the razor at a 45-degree angle to skin,
  • Don’t rush. Not only do you run the risk of cuts you might pull a hair sideways, which can cause an ingrowing hair,
  • Be very hygienic!

How Often Do You Need To Shave? Be prepared to shave every couple of days.

The Risks: Hair can grow back quickly, you could also get a rash or stubble.

Hair is supposed to grow back thicker, however some say it stays soft…

Alternatives To Face Shaving: Alternative facial hair removal methods include waxing and threading (which can hurt and irritate skin!)

You can also electrolysis or laser (which can be time consuming and expensive).

Lightening bleach products are available, hair removal creams too, however these can burn skin leaving redness – they’re also messy and smelly!

Cleanse, Tone And Shave…

If you want to try the craze, shave your cheeks, upper lip, lower jaw and neck.

You can try a dry or wet shave and remember to apply moisturiser afterwards.

Face Shaving Products For Women…

Simply use a men’s disposable razor.

If that’s too arbitrary try a delicate micro razor (also called Ladies Eyebrow Grooming Razors), which look like an eyebrow comb with sharp blades. 

These small eyebrow combs with sharp blades catch the hair, but don’t cut your skin.

Hold it at a slight angle and lightly comb my face: the hair comes right off.

If men do it, why shouldn’t women?

There is a stigma of it being unfeminine, however if it makes you feel better then why worry?

There’s a multitude of products available too, in case you won’t feel like you’re the only one!

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