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Don’t Spend The Summer Hairy Scary! Reduce Your Regrowth The Natural Way…

When To Wax? The Waning Moon!

If you’re wondering when to wax then this guide should prove invaluable in following the moons phases, to reduce hair growth or to simply in using the moon to support your beauty regime.

Dark Moon Beauty Rituals And What To Do On A Waning Moon…

The moon is said to be in its waning phase after reaching Full Moon.

As soon as the Full Moon has peaked, la lune starts to decrease in size and the waning period begins. It’s the best time for detoxification and exfoliation, right up until the new moon, which begins the cycle again.

Beauty Rituals For The Waning Moon – Wax, Shave, Pluck and Remove Unwanted Hair

This is first on the list as we all want to see a reduction in hair growth on our legs, underarm and bikini line – even our lady moustaches!

Over time, it would be most satisfying to see less and less hair returning, so this is definitely worth trying. What’s more, pain perception is meant to be increased on the full moon, yet another reason to book in for hair removal the ‘other side’ of it’s cycle.

Avoid painful plucking and waxing on the full moon! Nightmare!

The optimum time for hair removal is right before the new moon appears. This period is called the dark moon phase and the moon is totally shrouded from view.

Re-growth is suppressed and pain perception is at its least, works best when the moon is in Aries and Capricorn, not so much when in Leo / Virgo.

waxing  threading  electrolysis

☆ Waxing ☆ Shaving ☆ Plucking ☆ Tweezing ☆ Threading ☆ Electrolysis ☆

Cleanse And Exfoliate


This moon phase is a particularly good one to get rid of any dead skin, as the powers of regrowth are weaker. Skin removed now is less likely to return with gusto…

Refresh the dermis with exfoliation, especially scrubbing away hard skin on heels or any dry areas.

Be a little mindful around an abrasive treatment such as a skin peel, especially if the moon is in sensitive water signs Cancer or Pisces.

☆ Buff ☆ Exfoliate ☆ Scrub ☆ Pumice ☆ Deep Cleanse ☆ Blackhead Removal ☆ Skin Peels ☆

Detox And Purify The Body

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moon-detoxNow is a good time to flush or draw out toxins, as your body is more willing to let go of anything it’s holding on to (that goes for your state of mind too y’know!)

If you’re open to the idea, call for a colonic on the dark moon days. The run up to the full moon will prove more effective in your treatment…

Those night-time pads for feet are also best used now and these are the best days for draining cellulite – especially when the moon’s in Libra, Scorpio and Sagittarius (for help around the hip, buttock and thigh areas).

☆ Cleanse ☆ Increase Water ☆ Colonic ☆ Epsom Salt Bath ☆ Clay Face Mask ☆ Seaweed Wraps ☆ Sauna Steam ☆ Detox Treatments (Massage – especially to stimulate water loss / cellulite) ☆ Footpads ☆

Cut For Slow Growth

You’ll have neat nails if your manicure is scheduled now. Cuticles will struggle against the tides when you cut back now and this phase will not support rapid growth of nails – perfect if you want a mani-pedi to last longer! It can buy busy for barbers too now, for those in the know at least!

Share this advice with any guy who’s looking for a crop that will retain its shape. Usually, men don’t like to go to the hairdressers, but find it essential as their barnet can quickly look out of whack.

☆ File ☆ Trim ☆ Cut ☆

Clean Your Makeup Bag

How good it feels to slip your hands into a clean and tidy makeup bag.

Similarly a clean bathroom is a dream! Use the few days before a new moon to let go of the grime and send it down the plughole. Use the dark moon to detox everything.

“Don’ts” For The Waning Moon

Don’t Use Moisturising Face Masks with ingredients designed to go ‘in’,

Don’t Use Relaxation Oil Massage with essences and ingredients designed to absorb,

Don’t Dye Or Colour Your Hair – it will last longer and be more intense if applied on a waxing moon.

My Story

Cutting Hair By The Moons Phases…

french-hairdressersA couple of years ago I read that it’s customary for a few French hairdressers to cut client’s hair by the light of a Full Moon, with the belief that the powers of la lune will support the regrowth of locks that are strong, glossy and gorgeous.

It’s said that cutting your hair by the moon phases can help to promote maximum growth, or, alternatively, if you’re looking to slow growth, say, to keep your cut in shape for longer, you can take the moon phases into consideration too.

If you cut hair on a full moon, it’s said to grow faster, thicker and fuller. Conversely, if you wax, pluck, trim or cut hair in the dark of the moon, it wont grow back as fast…

I put this into practice myself, booking into salons on those full moon days, occasionally revealing my madness to bemused looking hairdressers and waxing ladies in the hope they might have heard the myth too! I’d pluck, pumice, exfoliate and use detox products on the run up to the new moon, the dark moon days of the lunar cycle…

Unfortunately there was and is a BIG FLAW in my experiment – I have no way of testing if my hair really is growing faster, or slower, or not! Still, I like to keep the faith that les coiffeurs français had it right all along, so I still try and cut my hair on a full moon, and conversely, perform hair removal in the dark of the moon… So I wax when the moon is waning. I believe it makes a difference, and urge you to try it too!

Watch: My video on lunar hair care

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