Zodiac Fashion Find – Astrological Jewelry At Ephemeristics!


I love discovering new jewellery – especially pieces with astrological flair or a touch of the zodiac.

Ephemeristics has both, as creator Kirstyn has a passion for the personal zodiac jewellery, and how a woman’s ruling planets reflect her attitude and life focus.

She chose to work with diamonds in particular, as they’re easy for all the signs to wear, can be dressed up or down, and compliment any outfit.

Through the power of the natal chart, Ephemeristics helps women celebrate their uniqueness, with simple diamond studs of the highest quality for everyday wear.

The collection consists of planet earrings and zodiac pendants, gorgeous pieces that can be mixed and matched, selected to reflect the wearers desires.

For example, choosing Venus for love and Uranus for the unexpected; Mars for passion with the moon for true sentimentality, or Mercury and Neptune – to inspire a woman’s dreams and put them into words.

The planets featured include the sun – generous drops of adornment, which are the most expensive of the collection– the moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Uranus and Neptune.

Kirstyn advises: “For women with more than two piercings I would always suggest wearing a moon to harness her intuition and feminine side and mixing with other planets that say bring passion, fortune or love into our life. Then wait and watch! I’m wearing them at the moment!”

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Stay tuned, as we’re arranging a very special discount and Christmas competition with Ephemeristics coming soon!

Planet Earrings And Zodiac Pendants

A Capricorn necklace…

Uranus earring, Jupiter stud and Virgo necklace…

Uranus and the moon…

A star ring is the latest addition to the collection.

Ephemeristics only sells ethnically sourced diamonds from conflict-free zones, and all pieces come with a certificate of authenticity.

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