July 16th – 22nd

Venus aligns with Lucky Jupiter – But Don't Get Lost! The stars are a hive of activity. Beautiful Venus is sparkling brightly, making contact with the luckiest planet – Jupiter – on Tuesday. This is an incredible day to sweeten plans that are unfolding, a wonderful time to express affections. Embrace connection, and avoid missed opportunities! Neptune is also

July 9th – 15th

The Full Moon Peaks! A full moon peaks in the early hours of Sunday morning (00.07 am EST, 9th July). Particularly intense, emotions are heightened during this time by transformative Pluto – a metamorphosis can be revealed... It’s a wonderful time to celebrate the changes you’ve implemented towards long-term goals, slowly but surely. The aftermath of powerful realizations means

July 2nd – 8th

Full Moon Ahead! With conflict in the stars as the week opens you might find two areas of life fiercely competing for space and attention. Feisty Mars is muscling ahead protectively in the sign of mama bear – Cancer – directly challenging powerful Pluto – not an easy feat. There is some oil to be poured over troubled waters;

July Horoscope

YOUR JULY HOROSCOPE In July the sun passes from the watery shores of Cancer, to the vibrant beach campfire that is Leo. The heat’s undeniably intense as the month opens, with power plays courtesy of Pluto, challenging our motivations. This feels overwhelming, and continues to feature as a signature of the emotional full moon on the 9th (00.07 am

June 25th – July 1st

This week we can take action towards fresh starts promised to ourselves, and others. It’s a wonderful time to cut through the elusiveness that at times prevents us from seeing the truth – a.k.a The BS! Intentions and impulses are clear to grasp and pursue with vigor. There’s a visionary quality to harness, with clarity and ingenuity in abundance! Passions


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