Taurus Yearly Horoscope… Your Annual Forecast Is In!

A Fresh Forecast To Take You Through The Year Ahead...

2022 is a year of earth, air and water – a just a little fire to ignite our hearts.

Earth: We start out the year with the Sun, Mercury, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn and your house of long-distance travel, education, publishing, global projects and truth-seeking. With Uranus in your sign all year – plus the eclipses in Taurus – it’s a very important and poignant year for progress and personal impact, sharing all you’ve come to know through key experiences.

Water: Giant Jupiter in watery Pisces teams up with Neptune. This is a huge signature to harness in 2022, with a conjunction of these two planets mid-April but really the month of March (and Pisces Season) helps ready us for this stellar moment.

Air: Grandaddy Saturn continues on through Aquarius calling attention to your career, title and reputation, the aspirations that hold strong and what being a success looks like to you. Mars moves into Gemini for a long stint thanks to a retrograde spell, motivating you to earn but also assess what’s in hand…

Lastly, Fire: Jupiter takes a turn in Aries, between May 11th and October 28th – so the entirety of Libra Season will see the two signs Aries and Libra vying for attention – health and a healing journey are prominent! Special dates are here

Taurus 2022 Horoscope…

Saturn: Redefining Your Reputation!

2021 may have found you following through on important long-term goals but also taking on extra responsibilities professionally or personally. You were likely seen stepping up as a success, accomplished and advancing toward your aspirations. Perhaps you were able to secure your place on a particular vocational path, making an impact through the work you do, or, the world saw you secure a title and status through marriage, as a ‘mother’ (like Gigi Hadid), CEO or simply a legend in your domain (like Taurus Adele). You can further establish this sentiment, acting as a leader or authority figure in your career and reputation. While it’s not easy, continue to bring structure to your personal ambitions and follow through, no matter how hard and relentless it is at the top.

This transit lasts till March 7th 2023. Read more about Saturn in Aquarius, here.

Uranus in Taurus and your first house – A Change Of Purpose…

You have likely been shaking up notions of who you are, Taurus, with Uranus in your sign promising a radical awakening – liberation, freedom, and the ability to go against the grain (and convention) is likely loud and clear, with the impression you make and even your look different, now (like Taurus Adele). Be at liberty to adjust your core purpose, your sense of self, and assert what it is you want to be. An entirely new direction may call, with major upheavals spontaneously undertaken (including around your appearance). From single to married-with-kids, or ‘in partnership’ to going it alone – employed to freelance! Welcome sparks of inspiration and follow all that marks you as unconventional.

This transit lasts will July 7th 2025. Read more about Uranus in Taurus, here.

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Eclipses: More On Your Broad Shoulders

Compounding your autonomy, the Eclipses bring moments to go your own way in a particular area of life. This doesn’t guarantee you’ll go to being single from attached (although it might!) You’re simply welcoming the chance to lead in ways that are unconventional, channelling methods for working differently. Own your part as a radical change-maker stepping out solo where necessary… Don’t shy away from topics that are controversial – champion sex toys like Taurus Lily Allen, or reveal ways beauty is timeless, like Andie MacDowell.

Read more about the Eclipses, here.

Jupiter: Friendships Can Flourish!

It’s important that you know who your friends are, with a gravitational pull in the direction of your community – the planet of luck in your sector of social life and networks heightens the notion of team spirit as something to harness! Being a part of an audience, participating with sensitivity around the greater good is key; get online or sign up to a position that brings you together with peers. Note that on March 3rd we have a powerful New Moon in Pisces, with Sun, Moon, Jupiter and Neptune all assembled in this area of the skies. Get together with good company – artistic types, spiritual seekers or those that allow you to get lost in a crowd

Read more about Jupiter in Pisces, here.

Pluto + Planets in Capricorn: Vision Quests & Journeys!

A New Moon in Capricorn resets your visionary outlook on January 2nd, then Venus and Mars move through this sign, with powerful meet-ups with Pluto, planet of dominance and control. Address the journey you’ve been on, and foreign terrain traversed and even conquered. Religion or faith, a legal or educational feat, publishing or broadcasting, or plans and projects that have been mastered loom large – there may be a great drive toward travel and cultural pursuits as the year begins, even a relocation or long-distance connection to broach…

Jupiter in Aries: Seek From Within

As the biggest planet in our solar system enters your twelfth house give yourself room to alchemise side stage – at least until the end of October, when Jupiter will dip back into sociable Pisces. This window will give you a taste of what’s to come for you in 2023, perhaps a bold leap back from the action to accomplish something in private solo or in a position of support to another…

Mars (Retrograde): Be That Money Maker!

Take note of any major learnings and takeaways around your role and finances in 2021 (thanks to the eclipses), as Mars promises to ruffle feathers in Gemini and your sector of income and earnings. Experiences around cash, coin and your contribution or input, possessions and belongings are amplified and potentially exciting for many months!

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