Space Babe Aquarius Chloë…

Chloe Moretz Coach

Chloë’s Star Sign Style!


☆ Sun In Aquarius ☆ Moon In Aries ☆ Venus In Aquarius


Chloë has a LOT of Aquarius energy in her chart with Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus, Venus AND the Sun all in the constellation of the Water Bearer. This makes her a truly wonderful example of Aquarius energy and aesthetics, with only the Moon and Mars left of her most personal planets.

We’ll assume that her Moon is in Aries. Because the moon moves the fastest of all the celestial bodies there’s a chance that, based on birth time, Chloë has her moon in Pisces, however because of her film choices (Kick Ass, Scary Girl…), I’d bet on it being Arien energy!

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Chloë Moretz’s Birth Chart

Chloe Moretz Birth Chart

Born 10th February, 1997 In Atlanta, Georgia (Time Unknown)

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