Ellen Astrology…

Ellen was born on the 26th January 1958 under the friendly and original sign of Aquarius.

This chat-show host has come under scrutiny with Saturn in Aquarius, critiqued for her coldness at work!

If only the staff on her show knew they were dealing with a Water Bearer – this sign is great at delivering from an emotionally detached perspective but less able to hold space and connect with true empathy.

Venus sits with the Sun in Aquarius, giving her an unconventional attractiveness. With Venus in Aquarius she’ll love and value partner that’s a friend and adopt quirky touches in her dress.

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And Aquarius is the sign that best suits androgyny.

The Virgo Midheaven gives off a neat, preppy, analytical vibe in her public appearance.

Notice Jupiter sitting with Neptune in the probing sign of Scorpio?

I wonder if this is linked to her huge career on screen, but also the sexual abuse that’s been revealed… Ellen had a horrible stepfather and had to flee, spending the night in a hospital to escape him (very 12th house…)

Ellen Degeneres Birth Chart

ellen astrology birth chart

Born 26th January 1958, At 3.30am In Metairie, Louisianna…

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