Astrology Vocation – Aquarius Make The BEST Chat Show Hosts…

You probably know that Queen Oprah and Ellen – the world’s most prolific talk show hosts – are Aquarius.

Both stars are born under the cool, calm, collected sign of the Water Bearer.

The Zodiac sign of objectivity, this is an outstanding placement for a life purpose that’s all about helping others, getting a bird’s eye view on matters, managing a community that enables others to share their story.

Altruistic and interested in humans, Aqua people aren’t fame-seekers (like their polar opposite, Leo – who loves the limelight!)

They’re more commonly found championing a worthy cause or dedicating their lives to progressive areas like technology, social issues and saving planet earth!

They make wonderfully detached presenters, able to tease out the information we all want “to know”!

Oprah Winfrey, born January 29, 1954 – Sun, Mercury and Venus in Aquarius

Ellen DeGeneres, born January 26, 1958 – Sun and Venus in Aquarius

Sara Gilbert, born January 29, 1975 – Sun, Mercury and Venus in Aquarius

Holly Willoughby, born February 10, 1981 – Sun and Venus in Aquarius

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Amanda Holden, born February 16, 1971 – Sun and Mercury in Aquarius

Lilah Parsons, born February 18, 1988 – Sun in Aquarius

Christine Bleakley, born February 2, 1979 – Sun in Aquarius

Jenni Falconer, born 12 February 1976 – Sun in Aquarius

Kirsty Gallacher, born 20 January 1976 – Sun in Aquarius

Keltie Knight, born January 28, 1982 – Sun in Aquarius.


Chelsea Handler, born February 25, 1975 – Mercury in Aquarius

Sally Jessy Raphael, born February 25, 1935 – Mercury in Aquarius

Robin Roberts, born November 23, 1960 – Moon in Aquarius 

Carol Vorderman, born December 24, 1960 – Venus in Aquarius

Whoopi Goldberg, born November 13, 1955 – Aquarius Rising.

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