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Mercury in Aquarius – Celebrities And Style…


Those with Mercury in Aquarius have independent thoughts and will often offer an interesting, different, even quirky take on matters.

They are likely to question politics or even advertising, and might veer towards talking about matters of a social nature.

Talk show hosts Chelsea Handler and Sally Jesse Raphael have Mercury in Aquarius, as does Aquarius Oprah Winfrey. People with this placement can maintain a distance, handling matters without getting too emotionally involved.

As an air sign, they can easily take an aerial view on matters and gain objectivity from a logical perspective.

They can be open-minded unless their mind has been made up, and they are sincere.

The Mercury in Aquarius person might sound a little different, have a quirk in their speech or something unusual about the way they talk…

Rihanna, Alicia Keyes, Sheryl Crow and Janis Joplin have this Mercurial placement, and have an unusual, almost husky quality to their voice.

Justin Bieber, Ed Sheeran, Harry Styles, Marilyn Manson, Jon Bon Jovi, George Harrison and Bob Marley are some example guy singers. Let me know if you have planets in Aqua and are drawn to their music or lyrics!

Celebrities with Mercury in Aquarius

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☆ Lily Donaldson ☆ Jennifer Aniston ☆ Paris Hilton ☆ Robyn Rihanna Fentya ☆ Daisy Lowe ☆ Kate Middleton ☆ Oprah Winfrey ☆ Eva Longoria ☆Kate Moss ☆ Alicia Keys ☆ Drew Barrymore ☆ Jessica Biel ☆ Janis Joplin ☆ Farrah Fawcett ☆ Eva Mendes ☆ Portia de Rossie ☆ Denise Richards ☆ Dakota Fanning ☆ Sheryl Crow ☆ Kim Novak ☆ Natalie Imbruglia ☆ Charlotte Rampling ☆ Lauren Conrad ☆ Geena Davis ☆ Ivana Trump ☆ Mia Farrow ☆ Karen Carpenter ☆ Natalia Vodianova ☆ Kate Bosworth ☆ Jane Seymour ☆ Emma Bunton ☆ Emily Blunt ☆ Chelsea Handler ☆ Thora Birch ☆ Jemima Khan ☆ Christie Brinkley ☆ Mimi Rogers ☆ Molly Ringwald ☆ Mena Suvari ☆ Shirley Bassey ☆ Patsy Kensit ☆ Selita Ebanks ☆ Julie Walters ☆ Beth Ditto ☆ Carmen Miranda ☆ Sally Jesse Raphael ☆

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