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Aries Sun & Venus, Leo Moon & Sagittarius Rising – So Much Fire!

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Sagittarius Rising – Eternally Searching (For Fabulous Fashion Inspiration!)

I love, love, love the Aries designer Vivienne Westwood.

Born 8th April 1941 in Glossop, Derbyshire her Sun is in Aries, Moon is in dramatic Leo and ascendent is Sagittarius, resulting in a super fiery chart! As the pioneer of punk fashion she was dubbed the ‘Queen of Punk’, reflecting strong Leo sentiments in this moniker.

What would life be without Anglomania, her fabulous Melissa shoes and Boudoir, which is in my ultimate Top 5 Perfumes…

So what’s Vivienne Westwood’s Star Sign Style!?

☆ Sun In Aries ☆ Moon In Leo ☆ Venus In Aries ☆ Sagittarius Rising ☆

The unmistakeable use of reds, oranges and warm fiery colours comes from the fire signs, but Leo’s influence gives a regal air too.

Vivienne’s logo is a crown and there’s masses of embellishment and touches of gold throughout her collections.

Leo and Sagittarius also rule purple and Saggy is also keen on navy blue.

Vivienne Westwood Birth Chart


Also born on this day: Patricia Arquette.

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