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AstroCartoGraphy – Venus Descendant Line Stories…

I travelled to Hong Kong and to my Venus line, little did I know love was awaiting!

A pressing question for many people embarking on an Astrology Adventure is where to find love.

It’s not a great surprise to know that planet Venus holds much potential, and that travelling to the Venus lines can be fortuitous in looking for a partner.

Does it work?

I travelled to my Venus Descendant line in March 2014, in the first few months of my travels – I wasn’t looking to settle or halt my roaming around the world, but something – or someone – pulled me back to this little corner of the globe…

My Venus line runs right through Hong Kong, relocating my Aries Venus (usually in the 9th house by Placidus system) onto the cusp of the 7th house, exact. This means in my relocated chart in Hong Kong I’m Libra Rising – doubly Venusian!

I did find love after only a couple of weeks staying under this influence, however I can’t promise everyone will have such luck, as the lines don’t make any promises.

I live here now!

However if you’re ready, willing and open hearted you have a good chance with Venus on your side!

Little did I know!

Keep your eyes peeled, there are synchronicities and signs everywhere…

I stayed and stayed…

Sticking to the path…

Watching for the little signs…

… keeping on the climb….

And eventually got married under Venus!

♥♥ Libra is the sound of wedding bells but Scorpio signs on the dotted line……….➰🖋 Jupiter moved into Scorpio last October for one year (this Aries got married to celebrate!) ♥♥ Scorpio is the zodiac sign of loyalty and merging assets, the sign of commitment, sexuality and power. ♥♥ Link in bio to my Jupiter-in-Scorpio horoscope for your sign. ♥♥ For four months Jupiter will now appear to track back over old ground, helping us review progress made (covering December 2017 – March 2018, specifically). Wherever your attention has been since October you can re-focus your resolve, for example for myself (♈) it would be around creating strong bonds (plus passive income, taxes, debts, and any intimate, private matters). 🔗🦂 More for your sign in the article. ♥♥ Jupiter isn’t always kind with his generosity, either. Yes, he is the planet of luck and of growth, however his lessons of expansion can come with unexpected twists and turns that aren’t necessarily positive. If you are Scorpio/Scorpio rising it could be a very psychical and immediate response to the cycle. You could gain weight or have to learn more about your body. Libra could be experiencing a growing sense of importance around income – which could be an abundance of cash or finding her role is of utmost importance now. ♥♥ Aries could be committing or learning how to divorce and separate assets. ♥♥ Lean into renewed appreciation, gratitude, and explore what’s taken on a greater significance in the last six months ♥♥ Here’s a one-word clue… Aries: commitments. Taurus: partnerships. Gemini: werk. Cancer: passions. Leo: domesticity. Virgo: connection. Libra: income. Scorpio: self. Sagittarius: transition. Capricorn: community. Aquarius: career. Pisces: education. ♥♥ #jupiterinscorpio #venusinaries #hongkongwedding #forevergrateful #jupiterretrograde

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