Unpacking The Link Between Astrology And Fashion…

How Astrology Affects Our Personal Style...

While astrology and fashion are two very separate interests, they have been linked in various ways over the years.

At its core, astrology is a language that helps unpack our character, our nature and personality. For those of us that are believers, the stars and planets at the time of birth influence our preferences and proclivities, including how we choose to express ourselves aesthetically.

The key is being able to deep dive into the personal horoscope to interpret the position of the cosmos.

When Fashion And Astrology Are Perfectly Aligned…

Schiaparelli, 1938 Collection…

In the last hundred years, there have been many fashion designers fascinated with the constellations, and planetary cycles.

Both Christian Dior and Elsa Schiaparelli were known for their love of astrology.

The House of  Schiaparelli referenced the Zodiac in its early days and continues to see this theme run through its collections.

They always seem to combine fashion and astrology in a way that’s chic and relevant. For example, Adele wore the earrings above post-Saturn Return and gave prominence to the accessories thanks to her performance.

In recent years – and perhaps due to Neptune in Pisces – there has been a resurgence of interest in astrology.

The younger generations have prompted a renewed interest that’s translated into book sales, beauty, fashion and homeware.

Nowadays, you can’t go shopping without seeing astrological glyphs emblazoned on t-shirts and sweaters!

Clothing and accessories commonly incorporate symbols, as well as the assigned crystals for the star signs. Meanwhile, every Lunar New Year sees leading brands cash in on the lucrative window in the shopping calendar.

Year of the Rabbit at Marni, 2023…

Other collections are inspired by the elements, planets, and celestial bodies…

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Astrology And Fashion: My Favourite Collections!

Fendi swimwear, 1993

In the early 90s Fendi paid homage to the Zodiac Signs with its bold collection. The signs were written in both Italian and English.

Emilio Pucci, 2015

The autumn / winter collection from designer Peter Dundas for Pucci was a hit. I even have a dress from this one!

The Alberta Ferretti Zodiac Sweaters Starlight Capsule Collection…

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