The Axis In Astrology Explained – Ac, Ic, Dc And Mc…

The four astrological angles explained, the Ascendant, the Imuni Coeli, the Descendant and the Midheaven!

When we look at the natal chart we’re considering the position of the planets from one perspective – our place of birth on earth. We’re considering the astrological outlook, a kind of weather forecast from that one place.

Locational Astrology projects the planetary bodies onto a map, showing where they are ‘angular’, from the perspective of your moment of birth. You’ll see your place of birth marked on the map with a cross surrounded by a circle, representing ‘earth’, then many more lines, cast across the globe.

There are four lines for each planet, reflecting the four 90° angles within a circle. This axis reflects the four cardinal points in astrology, resonating with the symbolism of Aries (self), Libra (other), Cancer (home) and Capricorn (career). They are found at the 270, 90, 180, and 360° positions on the natal chart, respectively – or 9pm, 3pm, 6pm and 12pm on a clock face.

Not only do the lines feature the label of the planet’s glyph, you will also see the label ‘Ac’ or Ascendant, ‘Dc’ or Descendant, ‘Mc’, the Midheaven, and ‘Ic’, the Imum Coeli.

These lines are akin to four points found on an astrological chart, signifying self (Ascendant at 9pm), other (Descendant at 3pm), where we’re coming from (Ilum Coli – around 6pm) and going to (Midheaven – around the midnight position).

The Axis In Astrology…

This axis in the birth chart is like life’s compass.

Interpreted as our approach in relating to the wider world, our perspective on ‘the other’, the way we understand where we’ve come from and where we’re going to, the axis is integral to the way we operate as individuals…

Your Guide To The Angles:

The Ascendant
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The Ascendant is how we greet the world and relates to self-expression. The zodiac constellation on the Ascendant is known as our ‘rising sign’, and colours the way we meet life and approach new situations. When you’re near to an ‘Ac’ line, your personality will take on the energies of the planet in question, or you might identify with the themes it’s associated with.

The Imum Coeli

The Ilum Coli is linked to home, heritage, our family and foundations – where we’re from. Find yourself near an ‘Ic’ line and your environment could be touched by the qualities of the planet – where you stay or reside, who you live with or the sentiment of your living arrangements. It can affect how we feel about settling down in a place and our perception of home and the environment – it can change our feelings around where we come from too, permanently!

Example Chart with points in PINK! Draw up your birth chart here, free!

The Descendant

The Descendant is all about ‘the other’, we recognise and can be attracted to the qualities of our Descendant in others. When you’re near to a ‘Dc’ line on your Astro Map, the effect will be to experience the qualities externallythrough others, meeting with the themes of that planet through them, or identify them with its characteristics.

The Midheaven

The Midheaven is linked to our career, social standing and reputation – it’s the impression we give off before people have met us. Midheaven lines assimilate the qualities of a planet into work areas, integrating into our public profile. Issues related to the planets could play out in work matters and influence other people’s opinions – without our knowing!

The Midheaven and Imuni Coeli are often linked or represent ancestral lineage and parents (or parenting).

Different astrologers ascribe the MC / IC to mother or father, I actually think they can both be both, either or.

I myself carry my dad’s name (Peter) as my middle name, seen outwardly, (Mc) and his Moon Sign is my Mc sign. But I can also appreciate his presence around my Ic, too!

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