Lucky Colour For Leo? Burnt Orange Is Bliss…

Dress with colour psychology in mind, with the best shades for your sign!

Basic brown can be boring (a little, okay!) but Golden Brown is so much more magical

What’s more, burnt orange? It’s a Leo colour, and my oh my, is it hot!

Leo carries warm tones – and burnt oranges – well, with the sunny pigments working wonders….

Show Your Pride…


This is not a shade to be worn by wallflowers. A bright, burnt orange should be worn proudly with confidence.

J.Lo Instagram…

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A colour of summery you can up the ante with a dress that speaks volumes, with billowing length and added drama…


If this colour is too much to bear all year round then try it during the warmer months – sunny shades for the summer season.

Burn Baby Burn!


Sun In Leo Stars Jennifer Lopez, Charlize Theron, Halle Berry, Debra Messing, Ana Matronic And Jill St. John, Mars in Leo Beyonce And Leo Rising Marilyn Monroe…

All Leo Rising Stars

Maybe Marigold?


It doesn’t have to be a scorching hot flame that Leo carries – how about a tamer marigold shade?

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