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Shine Bright, Tonight: Full Moon In Leo Rituals…

Cosmic Muse? Megan Thee Stallion, Aquarius Sun, Leo Moon...

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It’s Aquarius Season and so the Full Moon naturally peaks in Leo. Read your horoscope here and use the stars on this day of full light and fruition to really work the celestial weather…

Here are my top 5 tips!

1. Dazzle With Pride – Shine Like The Star That You Are…

Aquarius is altruistic, humanitarian and more about the people, the everyman, and the collective community than the ‘self’.

Leo and Aquarius are polar opposites in the astrological wheel; while Aquarius favours the group consensus, Leo’s are the Kings and Queens of the Zodiac, and, at Full Moon we’ve to find balance

It’s a time of equal light, equilibrium and finding the sweet spot between team spirit, the chorus line, and the STAR of the show, who takes centre stage…

Aquarius Zsa Zsa Gabor (above) was a master of this; born on a Full Moon in Leo she was bestowed with modern ideals – creating a personal brand around the concept of being “famous for being famous”. Later this became a common career path championed by Aquarius Paris Hilton, also born on a Full Moon in Leo. Now made easier through reality TV and social media, it was a notion pioneered by the Hungarian-American (Gabor) decades ago.

Leo are the rulers of their domain. While fellow fire sign Aries demands attention, Leo commands it with their magnificent presence – just look at how effortlessly Paris mastered both her social presence and loves the limelight too!

Remember, this is a time to shine your light at its brightest – Full Moons are the best time of the lunar cycle to be visible, especially in dazzling Leo…

2. Use Leo Hallmarks: Sol!

On this lunation use the Sun to guide you; get into regal touches, baroque embellishment, crowns, crests, and use a Lion’s emblem – and the sun – in your dress. 

Don’t be afraid to go bold (or go home!)

Aquarius Rising Zendaya…

Even an Aquarius Rising can pull this off!!

Confidence is key, the cornerstone of the Leo character, without it they’d be lost. We all have a slice of Leo in our astrological pie – our personal birth chart reveals where we have that Leo prowl. 

Find comfort surrounding yourself with touches of sunny warmth!

3. Go For Gold, Mellow Yellow; Add A Midas Touch

Good Day: Acqua di Parma Buongiorno Candle…

Governed by the sun, Leo bathes in glorious sunlight (and looks awesome with a tan or light golden shimmer of bronzing powder).

The Full Moon in Leo is absolutely a time to incorporate yellows, oranges and gold into your rituals and beauty…

Full Moon’s are a time of actualisation, of matters coming Full Circle, or coming to fruition.

During a Full Moon is Leo the subjects coming to light are prone to be dramatic, expressive, glorious and even theatrical. Be camera ready – sunny side up!

Prepare for your full moon moment with the flower associate with zodiac sign Leo – the SUNFLOWER.

There is no better bloom to reflect the energy of Leo, which gifts us with magnificent entertainment, light and warmth – just like their ruler, the sun. Use sunflowers in a ritual bath.

5. Massage Your Back (Bone) & Act With Heart & Courage!

Leo is not recklessly courageous (like Aries) or a huge risk taker (like Sagittarius) but as a Feisty Fire Sign they are impassioned and brave.

The body parts associated with Leo are the backbone and heart. 

Warm hearted (especially towards children), generous, playful and totally creative, they put their heart into all that they do.

A benevolent leader of the gang (think Good King Lionheart,) they stand up for their devout followers, their people – SPINELESS they ain’t!

Reward this upstanding energy with a gorgeous back massage, with invigorating citrus scented oils – Leo rules over oranges and lemons too!

Remember that the full moon is a time of celebration and the peak of the lunar cycle. It’s often an emotional time so massage really is a wonderful way to smile and unwind at the mid-half way point.

Consider (during your massage) how you’ve shown courage. Imitate Leo and SHOW OFF this full moon. Toot your own horn, no matter your sign – there’s always something to be proud of.

Shine A Light On Your Creative Passions – Go Big!

Leo is especially creative; they’re the thespians, storytellers, artists, and truly playful.They’re the ones that bring stability to passions, the ones that stabilise the initiating spark of Aries (Sagittarius carries forth the belief).

Hair on the full moon must be big and beautiful…

The full moon is the best time to shine a light on the great adored project you’ve bought into the world. What have you birthed?

This could be an actual baby – your children, or another cherished thing that’s lights you up!

Celebrities Born On A Full Moon In Leo…

Megan Thee Stallion, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Paris Hilton, Mimi Rogers, Cristiano Ronaldo, Charlène, Princess of Monaco, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Tom Selleck, Brandy Norwood, James Joyce, Jesse Spencer, Oliver Reed…

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