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Dazzle, Despite The Tension… Full Moon In Leo, January 21st 2019!

Cosmic Muse? Paris Hilton, Aquarius Sun, Leo Moon...

Paris Hilton, Born Aquarius Sun, Leo Moon...

Paris Hilton, born Aquarius with moon in Leo…

For most of us, the full moon eclipse in Leo occurs January 21st and delivers the opportunity to celebrate a story that’s unfolded over the past two years…

First, times for the full moon in Leo, Monday January 21st 2019…

  • (Los Angeles 9.16 pm Sunday 20th)
  • New York 00.16 am Monday 21st
  • London 5.16 am Monday 21st
  • Paris 6.16 am Monday 21st
  • New Delhi 10.46 am Monday 21st
  • Hong Kong 1.16 pm Monday 21st
  • Sydney 4.16 pm Monday 21st.

About The Full Moon In Leo…

The moon will peak at the powerful anaretic degree (0º) of the Leo zodiac sign, while the sun will have just slipped into Aquarius….

Although the nodes have now moved into Cancer and Capricorn (seen above at 26º), this is still a lunar eclipse.

This is the final full moon in the Leo/Aquarius polarity, a series that began with the Leo full moon February 10th 2017, running through 2018 and into 2019.

In broader terms we can look at what’s been ushered in during this time, pertaining to the area Leo governs for us in our personal horoscope.

The Mood Of The Moon

The energy is showy, enthusiastic and gregarious thanks to an emphasis of fire.

This could enhance what’s coming to light, and fruition, however we could also experience burn-out, restlessness and headaches! Here’s a breakdown of aspects…

  • Moon Full in Leo 0º | Sun in Aquarius 0º
  • North Node at 26º Cancer | South Node at 26º Capricorn + Mercury at 25º,
    Uranus squaring the nodes at 28º Aries
  • Mars in Aries (13º) squaring Saturn in Capricorn (13º)
  • Venus (14º) and Jupiter (15º) in Sagittarius squaring Neptune (14º) in Pisces.

There’s tension thanks to Uranus in Aries clashing with the sun, moon, Mercury and the nodes. This is pretty unsettling, and even antagonising. Uranus likes to disrupt and inject surprises. His agenda is quite outside of what the others have in mind.

What’s more, Mars is exactly square to Saturn (13º). I can almost hear screeching tires, as Mars is forced to a grinding halt – enthusiasm gets a reality check!

Saturn has a sobering effect, particularly from his position in Capricorn, and wants speedy Mars to think of the practicalities.

Venus and Jupiter together in Sagittarius are clashing with Neptune, which again creates resistance around our plans.

The god of the seas promises to dissolve and dampen the upbeat motion of mutable fire, which has been a major theme ever since Jupiter moved into Sagittarius last November (remember the Mercury Retrograde in Pisces as the full moon was tryin’ to press lift off??)

To me, this full moon warrants a generous pause, before warmly acknowledging what’s bloomed, beautifully.

Although the full moon is at the first degree of the sign, we’re actually celebrating an ending, with this final eclipse that catches healing rays from Chiron, helping us see how we’ve healed, and are ready to move on.

Full Moon In Leo Horoscope By Sign…


You’ve shaken up who you are over the past eight years, Aries, and with Uranus at the final degrees of your sign you could be feeling a sense of completion around personal reinvention.  Your identity has been turned on its head, and you’re now adding the finishing touches, with the help of energizing Mars.

However, the force field around your unique philosophy is in tension with the eclipse on January 21st, so be a little mindful how strong you come on, particularly if you’re keen on announcing a big message connected to who you are and what you do.

The full moon itself lights up your creative projects, or something you’ve produced that you’re passionate about – hopefully something you love!

There’s a lot of fiery energy spurring you on, but it’s also important to take a pause, aware of your surroundings, home life or friends and family.

Although you’re keen on making your mark and establishing your own agenda, use this moon moment to celebrate just for you. You don’t need validation on a public stage to know that what you’ve accomplished is worthy.


It’s a fortuitous time to spotlight collaborations, Taurus, to enjoy closeness within the sanctity of your relationships, or to appreciate a growing a sense of awareness around others.

Your private life – and serious matters behind the scenes – are hotting up, bringing your focus to financial investments, or the partnerships that have developed and deepened.

The full moon spotlights your nest, home and family life, your friends that feel like family, and all that you preserve for special people.

Mars is helping you escape your usual grind, lending energy to more cathartic pursuits; if you haven’t done a clear out (Marie Kondo style) this could be an opportune moment to look at your surroundings!

However there’s tension at this full moon, and it’s worth staying vigilant around secret information or affairs you’re processing. Transformative experiences are prompting continual development of new skills in 2019, and there’s no need to upset yourself!

Curl up with a lavish spread on the eclipse, feeding and nurturing those around you; easy does it.


The full moon in your zone of communication could bring information (or something you’ve learned / skills you’ve cultivated) to light. It could also emphasize close ties to siblings, coworkers or friends.

With your ruler Mercury presently in Capricorn, tending to certain contractual formalities (possibly of a financial nature) may be a current priority or theme. You could be having serious thoughts about your commitments, or going through some powerful experiences within a duo, Gemini.

Personal relationships are generally flourishing, as your focus is steered towards those you deal with one-on-one: at work, at home, or your love interest or best pal – even a therapist, coach or spiritual advisor!

You’re growing and learning so much through collaborations, yet your burning desire to take action at a group or social level could come on strong at this full moon moment.

It might be necessary to let the cement dry around close bonds before you embrace the exciting scene that’s capturing your imagination.

Confusion or an elusive quality around your position at large, or the impression you make could influence others’ perception of you now!

Think clearly about what you say, Twinstar.


Your personal income, job role or material values are in focus at this full moon eclipse, Cancer, as your earnings claim the spotlight.

You’re nearing the finish line of an eight-year marathon that’s shaken up your public profile, and career, and are presently enjoying a huge emphasis on day-to-day duties.

Work tasks, your routine (including health and wellness practices) are delivering opportunities for growth, so with this full moon acknowledge what it is you’re getting paid to do, and what part of your position or everyday schedule you enjoy!

It might be the freedom, autonomy or pride you have in your talents.

Personal relationships are pretty charged this month, not only love partnerships but how you deal with a boss or clients, too (even friends). You might have had to get really, really real about how you react to others, and there’s still a lingering power struggle in the stars.

As above, so below, you might be finding that your bid to get ahead in the world is being blocked by key persons. Careful as you go – put in the effort but use tact, dear Crab.


As you’d expect, the full moon in your sign is all about You, Leo!

But of course, there’s much more to it. Because this full moon is an eclipse we’re also taking into consideration the all-important north node in your zone of sleep, surrender, endings and closure.

You might need a little extra rest on this particular lunar moment Lion Heart!

Generally this full moon is focused on your sense of self, and your constitution, health and wellbeing is in the spotlight presently for a few key reasons. Firstly we’ve just completed Capricorn season, which has spotlighted ways of working, your day-to-day practices (including exercise and routine patterns – including eating). The new moon eclipse (in Capricorn) earlier in the month could’ve honed in on some realizations and changes.

Secondly, because this full moon is in your sign it’s also about your physical body.

Jupiter and Venus are now in your playful zone of fun, hobbies, recreation and dating – you could find you’re keen to be out and about, meeting up with people for shared enjoyment – Mars is on the hot pursuit of new horizons and adventure!

But remember!! Your fiery enthusiasm needn’t get in the way of the practices you’ve done so well to establish.


A major cycle is coming to fruition, Virgo, which started early in 2017 – this is the final eclipse of a series and brings the story full circle.

Luna peaks in the dreamiest and most compassionate area of your horoscope, so heads up – you might need rest around this particular full moon, or be keen to work helping others in your community.

Over the past two years you may have surrendered something or moved past a dramatic private issue. For example you may have quit a bad habit (or embraced your spiritual side), left a relationship, or healed your heart and soul in solitude.

Love or creative projects – something you’re passionate about – is on the brain now, and the holidays and early January emphasised taking this particular interest seriously.

While you’re steadily going the distance, you’re also spurred on to take things to the next level in dramatic style!

Pace yourself my sweet, other people are not quite as clear-cut as they seem, and though you’re keen to settle the stars are proving to be a wee bit foggy!

Today, celebrate how far you’ve come, and the sense of security that’s unfolding perfectly for you.


As a Libra your relationships are presently in overdrive for two cosmic reasons.

Firstly, your ruling planet Venus is sidling up to Jupiter, putting a big emphasis on your connection to others. Secondly, you have red-hot Mars in your zone of one-to-ones. This could be revving up interactions and partnerships no end, creating heated exchanges – or ushering new and exciting people onto your radar!

The full moon itself lights up the skies around public goals, aspirations, dreams, and the company or community setting which makes them possible. Consider the people (i.e. colleagues, peers, friends or a collective industry) who’ve played a part this last couple of years, acknowledging and celebrating their gift to you!

Home or family life might be giving you plenty to think about presently; perhaps you’ve been taking stock of the reality that’s underfoot. There may be a bit of tension now, as you respond to those around you, however, you’re prompted by this lunar moment to hone in on your goals, purpose among friends, and the path ahead.

Consider your aspirations in the wider world lovely Libra!


This could be a particularly good day for career developments, Scorpio, as Luna lights up the path you walk in the world – your public profile, practical goals and ambitions! The moon catches positive rays from Venus, Jupiter and Mars, in your work and money zones, so I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed for you!

There are just a couple of squeaky wheels.

Firstly, your ruling planet Mars is picking a fight with Saturn, who’s helping hone your communication skills. Secondly, romantic Neptune is dissolving some of the gumption you have around your capabilities!

Much of the work has been done, as this full moon brings to light what’s been seeded, nurtured and developed, however you can do yourself a favor by staying calm and composed in everyday situations and surroundings.

Though you might feel passionately, it’s all too easy to sound harsh, defensive or say something regrettable today – and be noticed for it. Release frustrations, elevate your outlook, and patiently do what needs to be done while soaking up praise.


There’s emphasis on your personal philosophies during this full moon, Sagittarius, and a sense of completion around a particular quest, venture or experience – possibly one that connects you further afield, and ties you to someone important.

It’s likely you’re presently full of enthusiasm, as bountiful Jupiter is now in your sign, here to stay throughout 2019 bringing opportunities to grow and expand. January–and the first couple of weeks of February–are passionate, as ardent Mars lights up your amorous side, spurred on by Venus and Jupiter.

This cosmic alignment is giving you major presence and a visionary quality, however, it’s also easy to get carried away with your own interests now, Sagittarius. Your (financial) position and work outlook requires you to slow down and do your due diligence.

Whether it’s love or money that’s putting a fly in your full moon juju, be willing to take a moment to acknowledge the reality, truth and beauty life is offering, particularly at home.

Then be sure to celebrate the aces you have in hand!


Wild card Uranus has been shaking up your foundations, home life or sense of security since 2011, however, you’re almost over this cosmic process and disturbance. It’s on your radar now because Mars is powering ahead in your nesting zone. What’s more, on the full moon this energizer bunny planet clashes with your ruler, Saturn.

Although you’re driving ahead with great momentum (possibly with a satisfying sense of release or closure) be mindful at this moon. Something within you craves a pause, and you might need to step down to acknowledge everything that’s on your radar.

The full moon itself is illuminating issues around shared space, shared resources, joint bills and investments; your private spaces or family life is tied in with this too. An issue is coming to light around how you’ve handled a loaded exchange but play nice!

The full moon and especially eclipses are highly emotional and even volatile times, you’ll want to remember how important other people are to you. Prioritize relationships, and have compassion for those you’re involved with.

Lean into collaborations, grateful for processes that are occurring behind the scenes, which allow you to feel safe and secure.


One of the noteworthy things about this eclipse is that Uranus (your ruling planet) is in a very antagonizing position, at odds with what’s unfolding.

Uranus takes eight years to make his way through a zodiac sign and since 2011 has been shaking up your ideas, thoughts, how you connect and communicate – particularly in speaking the truth, Aqua bebe!

With Mars running in the same circles now, you’re prepared to say what’s on your mind, which may create an interesting discourse.

On this full moon, your partnerships and one-to-one exchanges are in the light, illuminated by the warm, dramatic (ahem) glow of the Leo moon. The urge to engage and say what’s on your mind might be compelling, yet there’s quite a lot that’s not ready to be said, too.

You’ve been doing some healing and resting over the holidays, and planets are lingering in the more somber, solitary zone of your horoscope, giving you pause for thought.

Appreciate the relationships that have supported you over the past couple of years, and take a moment this full moon to think, before you inevitably speak up!


It’s an interesting full moon for Pisces, as your traditional ruler (Jupiter, joined by Venus) clashes with your newly nominated planet (Neptune).

This blend of attractive Venus and popular Jupiter in your zone of fame and ambitions indicates you’re gaining momentum in your career, or are now visible for your public achievements; networking might now feel like a compelling and necessary feat.

Yet you might also be experiencing a bit of confusion around what you hope to accomplish in the world, what it is you’re working towards… Your path is not entirely aligned with your personal ethos, but that’s okay.

The full moon peaks in the area of consistent routine efforts, and the position you uphold everyday. This is about the tasks you perform to maintain a positive, healthy existence; your sense of wellbeing is now clear to acknowledge.

You can bring a story full circle, leaning towards the projects and interests that you find satisfying, and fun, Pisces!

Today, it’s necessary to balance your need to earn, push ahead, make money–and an impact within your role, and the desire to be creative, to play, to enjoy your children or love life, to express yourself! Lean towards what you LOVE.

What To Do On The Full Moon?

Use the stars on the full moon in Leo to really work the celestial weather…

Remember, this is a time to shine your light. Full Moons are the best time of the lunar cycle to be visible – especially this full moon in Leo…


1. Sunny Side Up!

Prepare for your full moon moment with the flower associate with zodiac sign Leo – the SUNFLOWER.

There is no better bloom to reflect the energy of Leo, which gifts us with magnificent entertainment, light and warmth – just like their ruler, the sun. Use sunflowers in a ritual bath.

2. Razzle Dazzle With Pride, And Shine Like The Star That You Are…

Leo are the Kings and Queens of the Zodiac, rulers of their domain. While Aries demands attention, Leo commands it with their magnificent presence. Imitate Leo and SHOW OFF this full moon. Toot your own horn, no matter your sign – there’s always something to be proud of.

Get into gold, regal touches, baroque embellishment, and use the Lion’s emblem – the sun – in your dress. Don’t be afraid to go bold (or go home!)

Confidence is the cornerstone of the Leo character, without it they’d be lost. We all have a slice of Leo in our astrological pie – our personal birth chart reveals where we have that Leo prowl. You can show off a little or a lot with a dashing red lip…

Grab your pride and go.

3. Add A Midas Touch…

Governed by the sun, Leo bathes in glorious sunlight (and looks awesome with a tan or light golden shimmer of bronzing powder).

Full Moon’s are a time of actualisation, of matters coming Full Circle, or coming to fruition.

During a Full Moon is Leo the subjects coming into the light are prone to be dramatic, expressive and even theatrical.


4. Massage Your Back (Bone)!

Leo is not recklessly courageous (like Aries) or a huge risk taker (like Sagittarius) but as a Feisty Fire Sign they are impassioned and brave.

The body parts associated with Leo are the backbone and heart. Warm hearted (especially towards children), generous, playful and totally creative, they put their heart into all that they do.

A benevolent leader of the gang (think Good King Lionheart,) they stand up for their devout followers, their people – SPINELESS they ain’t!

Reward this upstanding energy with a gorgeous back massage with invigorating citrus scented oils – Leo rules over oranges and lemons too!

Remember that the full moon is a time of celebration and the peak of the lunar cycle. It’s often an emotional time so massage really is a wonderful way to smile and unwind at the mid-half way point.

Consider (during your massage) how you’ve shown courage.

5. Shine A Light On Your Creative Passions – Go Big!

Leo is especially creative.

They’re the thespians, storytellers, artists, and truly playful.They’re the ones that bring stability to passions, the ones that stabilise the initiating spark of Aries (Sagittarius carries forth the belief).

Hair on the full moon must be big and beautiful.

The full moon is the best time to shine a light on the great adored project you’ve bought into the world. What have you birthed?

This could be an actual baby – your children, or another cherished thing that’s lights you up!

Celebrities Born On A Full Moon In Leo…

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