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Something Lacking? Add Grounding Earth, Fiery Self-Belief, Some Disranr Intellect Or Get In Touch With Your Feelings…

It’s a well known fact that your temperament and psychological blocks can be described and sometimes indicated through astrology.

Professional astrologers can identify areas that need attention. Using the horoscope or natal chart and looking at our personal astrology can indicate what we might need more of.

Our daily rituals and activities are a wonderful way to increase the energies in our overall wellbeing, and simply using the four elements as inspiration we can observe interesting patterns.

You can ascertain if you have a dominant element in your birth chart: fire, earth, air or water, or find out if one of these elements is lacking.

Read How do I work out my birth chart? to guide you, and read more on the elements, here.

The Fire Signs

AriesLeo and Sagittarius

Generally speaking, the fire signs are considered to possess the highest energy and most vitality of the signs.

Excessive Fire…

With an excessive amount of fire in the horoscope an individual could be hotblooded, overstimulated and literally have a high temperature.

An excessive amount of this element can lead to burn out, with anger, aggression and a highly competitive streak. Work this energy out in the gym or fighting the right battles.

A Lack of Fire…

a lack-of-fire-astrology

No planets or astrology angles in the fire signs – AriesLeo or Sagittarius?

You could suffer with a lack of self-belief, faith and passion!

Prayer, bikram or hot yoga – especially the ‘warrior’ pose are all ideas for remedy. Meditate on fire, or practice dancing with passion – sign up to tango or competitive sports.

The Earth Signs

TaurusVirgo and Capricorn

The earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) possess great steadiness, persistence and endurance.

Excessive Earth…

Too much presence of the Earth Signs could have you feeling like a stick in the mud! Add adventure and spontaneouty to your usual routine, shaking things up by booking an unexpected trip abroad. Try not to plan!

A Lack of Earth…


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Missing The Earth Element? Get Connected To The Real World…

If there’s little earth in the birth chart you may need grounding.

Unaware of the practical, ‘real’ and physical side of life the person with little earth needs the sensation of the material.

These people need routine and stability and a sense of their bodies, plus physical contact with the earth. Massage is a fantastic idea, as is getting in touch with soil or sand, walking barefoot and gardening.

The Air Signs

GeminiLibra and Aquarius

The air signs (Gemini, Libra and Aquarius,) are considered second most energised, though more reactive to external stimuli.

Excessive of Air…

Easily stimulated, those people with the Air Signs highlighted in their chart have quick yet extremely sensitive minds that are easily thrown off balance and overwhelmed.

Overactive, restless and prone to nervous exhaustion these people benefit from scheduled moments of calm, quiet serenity – minimal stimulation is imperative to allow the nervous system to recharge itself.

A Lack of Air…

When the air element is low, there is difficulty with the flow of information, an excessive collecting of books, articles and magazines – quite literally the hoarding and overcompensation of information, ‘air’.

The Water Signs

CancerScorpio and Pisces

The water signs (Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces) are more changeable and emotionally reactive.

Excessive Water…

Highly intuitive, those with a lot of planets and astrological points in the signs CancerScorpio or Pisces could be particularly empathetic and sensitive, absorbing the emotions of those around them.

Watery people pick up negativity from those around them so it’s important for them to draw boundaries if feeling to involved.

Increasing physical activity and practicing saying “No” are a good place to start.

A Lack of Water…


Lacking Water In Your Horoscope? Dive In…

A person that lacks planets in CancerScorpio or Pisces could be challenged when it comes to connecting emotionally, nourishing themselves with a sense of equilibrium around feelings.

A lack of water could result in a lack of empathy!

A suitable remedy lies in exposure to cleansing the soul, with water, art, poetry and music. These people could take up swimming, have more relaxing baths, live near water and listen to powerfully moving symphonies. They could take up poetry, nurse a loved one or simply aim to connect on an emotional level.
We are forever changing as we go about processing new circumstances, introducing new elements to our lifestyles.

If you’re feeling out of sync why not look at your personal horoscope to see how balanced the elements are in your natal chart?

Adjust activities accordingly!

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