Fire, Earth, Air & Water – The Elements Of Style…

Discover the building blocks of astrology and the elements in astrology!

Each zodiac sign is a unique combination of an Element and a Mode. There are four elements (and three modes), which are also known as Quadruplicities.

The four elements are:

Fire Earth Air Water

FireEarth, Air and Water.

Fire needs to burn bright! Earth is solid and reliable… Air gets everywhere! While water goes deeper than the others…

Our dominant element is a good indicator as to what motivates us. It’s our basic principles and how we deal with challenges and conflict.

Generally, the elements will get on well together – fire with fire, earth with earth… That’s because there is a natural and shared motivation.

But before you rush ahead and read about the element of your sun sign, you’ll want to know that it’s worth taking into consideration your Moon, Venus, Mars and Mercury signs, and your rising sign and midheaven to get the best idea of your predominant element.

You’ll know all of the signs by looking at your individual birth chart, for help, read How Do I Work Out My Birth Chart.

☆ The Fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius 

The Earth signs are Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn ☆

The Air signs are Gemini, Libra and Aquarius ☆

☆ The Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces ☆

Just remember that looking only at the element of your star sign (your Sun sign) will give a very narrow indication of your personality – especially if it’s very different from the bigger picture!

Though you’re a Taurus you might have a LOT of Fire, you could be Sagittarius but be very Watery in your chart…

For the best analysis, a professional astrologer is best placed to help you interpret your chart.

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Read More About The Elements In Astrology


☆ Feisty Fire ☆

Fire burns bright, and similarly, these signs tend to be passionate, direct, generous and exuberant, naturally exhibiting warm, open, friendly behaviour. Playful, high-spirited and enthusiastic, like fire, these types entertain others and draw a crowd; they have charisma, expressing spontaneity. They’ve a drive to express themselves, and faith in their abilities. However, on the down side, fire energy can be careless, volatile, insensitive and unrealistic!

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☆ Essential Earth ☆

Solid and reliable, people born with a lot of earth in their chart will have their feet firmly on the ground, with sensibilities rooted in reality. Dependable and realistic, earth resonates with the material world and has the follow through to produce something solid, and not necessarily something physical. Can be a little boring, overly ambitious, ‘bogged down’ by a need for material security.

Read more about the earth element, here.


☆ Awesome Air ☆

The element air gets everywhere, and similarly people born with a lot of air connect and communicate with ease. The most social element, these people keep things in perspective, have an even temperament and are rational and objective. Particularly civilized, mental beings, they have a superior ability to conceptualize ideas. However, on the down side, they can be scattered, indecisive and float off!

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☆  Wondrous Water ☆

Water can go much deeper than the other elements; those with a lot of this element will be in tune with their feelings, naturally blessed with human sensitivity and emotional tact. They are the most empathetic among us, with an intuition and that allows them to ascertain their environment, and go with the flow accordingly. On the negative side they can be secretive and oversensitive!

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