Astrology And Reasons To Celebrate Your Birthday…

It's Your Special Day In The Sun, So Claim The Spotlight!

I’m one of those people that kinda hates birthdays.

A shy Cancer Rising, I’d rather spend my annual celebrations with hubby doing something super low-key, letting it pass without too much fanfare. 

I know other people love making a meal – or a party – of it and I love it when they do!

No matter how you choose to mark the moment, each and every way is appropriate depending on what feels good to you….

However, if you’ve totally lost enthusiasm you might want to read on.

I’ve put together ways your birthday influences the year ahead, astrologically, with a few good reasons to celebrate and enjoy your day-of-birth.

Take note!

5 Reasons You Should Celebrate Your Birthday

You’re Queen For A Day, As The Benevolent Sun Shines On YOU…

It was the ancient Egyptians that began the tradition of birthdays, originally reserved only for the coronation of a Pharaoh and their initiation into their god-like status – from a mortal to supreme ruler. Throughout history, the coronations (and birthdays) of Kings and Queens were celebrated with public holidays.

And today, we all get to honour our special day in the Sun.

A birthday is the day the sun returns to the same zodiac degree (and sign) as the day you were born, which is why we say “Many Happy Returns”.

Therefore the sun shines on the brightest qualities of the individual, so claim your tiara for 24-hours and your moment in the spotlight!

Make A Wish!

You’re keeping with ancient tradition in blowing out candles, with a ritual that dates back to the Romans – the first to celebrate the birthdays of regular-schmegular Joe’s. Cakes were baked with wheat flour, olive oil, honey, and grated cheese…

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Before then, the Greeks put candles on cakes in honour of Artemis and Apollo, goddess of the hunt and the moon. They would bake moon-shaped honey cakes, adorning them with lit candles resembling the glow of the full moon. Some believed the smoke of blown candles could carry prayers – or wishes – to the gods. So when you blow out your candles know that you’re carrying out a custom that dates back centuries.

Each Passing Hour Is *Special*…

Did you know there’s a theory that makes each passing hour of your birthday-day extra meaningful?

You can consider each 60 min slot from waking as representative of a month in the year ahead. So, if you celebrate with a decadent lunch at 12.00 (having woken at 8.00 am) you can expect a lavish time in the fourth month of your year ahead. 

It’s a good reason to treat yourself, have fun, and keep smiling on your special day. Try to include delicious food, friendship and plenty of reasons to be grateful.

Acknowledge Your New Guiding Planet!

Every year you’re given a gift from the stars in the way of Annual Profections – an astrological technique that shows a new influential planet, suggested by the houses of your personal horoscope or birth chart.

There are twelve houses and this system works on a twelve year cycle – read more on Annual Profections here!

Essentially, with a refreshed ‘Time Lord’ comes the opportunity to explore a new governing planet, and a new energy for the year ahead.

Check Out Your Solar Return!

Your Solar Return is when the sun – Sol – returns, arrives back at its original place in the zodiac wheel. It’s also the name of the chart or horoscope drawn up year by year on your birthday, which astrologers interpret to give a flavour of the twelve months ahead.

The fun thing about the Solar Return chart is that it can be cast based on location, so depending on where you spend your birthday you can influence what kind of year ahead you’ll have…

Some people have been known to go to great lengths to harness the luck in their stars, vacationing in far flung places to gain the greatest positive influence for their Solar Return!

However others believe you cast the Solar Return chart based on your usual birth place, so there may be no need to rush into buying a ticket… 

In Summary!

A month long acknowledgment of your sign comes with your zodiac season, as the sun moves into your sign. There are a million memes to prove it’s a time to step up and shine, so budge your predecessor out the way, and enjoy your special day!

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