What Are Annual Profections? Discover A New Way To Map Your Year…

An Explanation Of This Astrological Timing Technique!

N.B. You must know your birth time and Ascendant Sign (or Rising Sign) to work with this astrological timing technique.

Map Your Year With A Timing Technique… 

Before we try to calculate our own, let’s answer the key question: What are Annual Profections?

The simple answer, is that with each passing year, you’re given a planet that’s more activated according to your personal horoscope or birth chart.

This planet is the one to watch, and grow familiar with throughout the year.

We call the planet that’s your annual ruler the ‘Time Lord’ – or the Lord of the Year, like the Lord of the Dance if you’re old enough to remember the jig!

For example, if Venus is your ‘Year Lord’ you might find a Venus Retrograde pulls you into the action, with a transit to your own Venus or a Libra House pertinent. Or perhaps you’ll be hyper connected to Mercury Retrograde during a Mercury year.

How To Work Out Annual Profections In Your Birth Chart

Step 1. Cast your natal chart or birth chart using the Whole Sign House System (WSH)

Ready to race ahead?

Step 2. Discern your current year by your current age, and the planet you’re sensitive to in this year (i.e. Mars). You can also look at past and future years!

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Step 3. Take a deeper look at that planet in your own chart, to discover more about your personal relationship with it, and, what’s affecting it this year

Step 4. Mark out the transits of the planet (i.e. Mars) throughout the year, from one birthday to the eve of the next, and note what that planet is doing (both as it moves around the Zodiac and as it touches your own chart).

Here’s a way to quickly see the year you’re in, by house:

Find your age by number then look to the inner wheel for the house it corresponds to…

26 years old? You’re in a 3rd house year!

Moving around the houses of the horoscope (one through twelve) your years unfold, i.e. the eleventh house represents your eleventh year.

Because there are twelve houses you begin again at 13 years old, 25, 37 and so on.

Here’s another way to look at it:

  • First House Profection Year, age zero to the eve of your first birthday, age 12, age 24, 36, 48 etc.
  • Second House Profection Year, 1st birthday to the eve of your second birthday, 13, 25, 37 and so on.
  • Third House Profection Year, age 2, 14, 26, 38 etc.
  • Fourth House Profection Year, age 3, 15, 27, 39, 51…
  • Fifth House Profection Year, age 4, sweet 16, 28, 40, 52…
  • Sixth House Profection Year, age 5, 17, 29
  • Seventh House Profection Year, age 6,
  • Eighth House Profection Year, age 7,
  • Ninth House Profection Year, age 8,
  • Tenth House Profection Year, age 9,
  • Eleventh House Profection Year, age 10, age 22, age 34, 46 etc.
  • Twelfth House Profection Year, age 11, age 23, age 34, 47 etc.
    … back to the first house…

Again, the most important thing to know is your ascendant sign or rising sign, which signals the first year for you. Now, move ahead with an easy guide to your house rulers…

Remember, on each birthday you’re given the chance to work with a new planet, as you enter a new Profection Year…

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