Lets Go Spagazing! Top 5 Massages By Moonlight, Dreamy Destinations…

The Best Treatments I've Found For Stargazers!


Top 5 7 Spas for Stargazers…

We all love beauty treatments that move with the moon and nature’s lunar rhythms but what makes a spa sparkle with super star power?

Places with a planetary premise make my heart flutter, and these special spas are truly stellar! 

The Night Spa, Maldives…


Stay at the Four Seasons Resort in the Maldives and you’ll be forgiven for thinking you’re dreaming.

Guests are invited to enjoy a nocturnal treatment that sounds heavenly – an open-air lunar ritual using massage oil that’s individually tailored to your star sign!

Collected from your villa at twilight, you’ll be escorted across a lagoon in a small wooden boat, then arrive at a star-lit beach. Individuals or couples can choose to ‘Reflect’ (on the new moon), ‘Nourish’ (waxing moon), ‘Harmonise’ (on the full moon) or ‘Release’ (waning moon).

The sessions commence with chanting to promote holistic healing, and finish with a gift of rudraksha mala beads.

Read more, here.

Mii Amo, Arizona…


Speciality treatments at Mii Amo include Spirit of the New Moon, Spirit of the Full Moon and a Psychic Massage…

Read more, here.

Amethyst Crystal Steam Shower, Hong Kong…


The Landmark Mandarin Oriental in Hong Kong has a spa worth shouting about.

The Oriental Spa is one of the leading luxury spas in the city and it’s Amethyst Crystal Steam Shower room is a unique concept to send you into a space!

Available in the VIP Sanctuary Suite, the private amethyst crystal steam room is maintained at a temperature between 42 and 45 degrees with moist aromatic heat.

The large amethyst crystal is known for its healing properties, to ease headaches and migraines, release tension and increase concentration.

A truly indulgent experience that will whisk you away from the hustle and bustle of Hong Kong, if only for a few hours…

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Discover Your Senses, Canada…


Imagine unwinding in a jacuzzi beneath a spectacular starry sight – the Aurora Lights! 

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Following a therapeutic wellness massage you’d have reached the heights of relaxation in a private spa, indulging in delicious yet healthy meals…

No, you’re not in dreaming the impossible dream – Discover Your Senses is a three night package that offers just that!

Staying in a comfortable, cosy log chalet, with some of the most vivid views of the Northern Lights to be had, this perfect pampering package is available from September to April.

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The Golden Door, California…


Stepping beyond the Golden Door must feel like crossing into Narnia, the Secret Garden, or perhaps you’d feel a little like Alice In Wonderland

Head into the 600 acre lush Californian hillside retreat during astrology week for a restorative, energising experience.

Astrologers Alex Bunshaft and Simone Butler guide and engage you in the earth’s cycles, with lectures on astrology and the chance view the cosmos through the telescopes of the San Diego Astronomers Association.

Facilities at the Golden Door include 7 state of the art gyms, 12 private hiking trails across mountains or meadows, 2 swimming pools and a Watsu Water Therapy pool, 2 labyrinths, tennis court, a bathhouse with Jacuzzi, steam-room and sauna, and nine skincare and body care treatment rooms.


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Moonlight Remedies, Bali…


At the Alila, your massage treatment is performed with the support of la lune… Around the new and full moon days (every 1st and 15th day of the lunar month), when lunar energies are believed to be at their strongest, the Sculpture Garden at the Alila transforms for treatments.

Participants are pampered outside, in lush green surroundings, set on the banks of the Ayung River. Completely relaxed as you breathe in the fresh air, lured by the sound of bird calls, you’re open to nature yet in sweet privacy.

In the spirit of Balinese tradition, treatment begins with a prayer to relieve stress, calm fears and reduce anxiety, instilling a sense of well-being both physically and mentally.

As you close your eyes and open your senses, your therapist’s healing hands draw upon the lunar energy and rhythms of nature to relax and rejuvenate you.

Spa sessions end with harmonising Reiki therapy.

Totally ticks all the box for ultimate Spagazing… Read more, here.

Dior Spa, Cheval Blanc, Paris…

The ‘Bonne Étoile’ suite is one of the spa’s six individually designed treatment rooms, which sees the zodiac light up overhead.

Once you’re tucked in (in your Dior-blanket emblazoned with the constellations), your bed faces a starry ceiling, which lights up to single out your astrological sign of choice…

Read more, here.

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