Cancer Jewelry Style – Adornments For Moonbabes…

Cancer Jewelry Style

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The Cancer sign is sentimental, and people born under this sign value memories more than any other in the zodiac.

Selecting special jewellery for the Crab should be taken seriously – they’ll treasure the right piece forever!

You’ll notice your Cancerian friend has a collection of family jewellery, not for the monetary value but to hang on to

Notoriously nostalgic, your Cancer friend will appreciate a piece that’s been chosen with thought behind it, making it all the more special.

Her jewellery and accessories might remind her of a special time – like a favourite holiday or summer… “Memories, like the corners of my jewelry box” sings Cancer!

Select something appropriate or use the following as inspiration…


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The Cancer Crystal – Ruby

Ruby is the right choice for Cancer.

I also love pearls for this zodiac sign, perhaps because they’re found in a shell, just like the cretaceous sign of Cancer the Crab.

This lustrous spherical jewel (and mother of pearl,) is reminiscent of the Cancer-ruled Moon too!

Creamy and mystical… Whatever the reason, pearl is perfect for Cancerians. Buy with thought and care and they’ll treasure it forever…

These too: Emerald and Moonstone.

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