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May Day, May Day! The Astrology Of Beltane…

May's Pagan Rituals Of Fertility And Sexuality...

Beltane occurs Wednesday 1st May 2019.

A Pagan celebration, Beltane celebrates sexuality and fertility – LIFE!

Growing up we would dance around the phallic symbol the Maypole, and I also remember the elected ‘Lady Godiva’ riding her white horse through our town. Supposedly naked with her long hair covering her boobs, ours would be wearing a flesh coloured body suit but the sentiments were the same for this Pagan rite.

The astrological significance of Beltane is that it’s the midpoint between Spring Equinox and the Summer Solstice.

Although we celebrate Beltane on May 1st, astrologically it’s the 15º point of Taurus that holds the most earthly power.

The midpoint between 0º Aries and 0º Cancer, 15º Taurus is the 45º middle degree – it’s the peak of spring and the very beginning of summer.

Macaroons For May…

Earth energy is strong in the midst of Taurus, flowers are in bloom, perfuming the air – it’s truly a moment to inhale the gifts of nature.

Rituals For Beltane

  • Wear Your Best – gorgeous colours of spring!
  • Wear A Flower Crown – this is the festival of Flora and Maia, so invite the healing properties of florals upon you.

  • Take A Walk In The Forest – put your attention on the trees around you and dance like a maypole with ribbons!
  • Wash Your Face With Cold Water – honour spring and the sensation of freshness.
  • Make Love! Giving you an excuse to enjoy yourself with bae x
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