Cancer Rising Annual Profections

New to Annual Profections? Read a quick overview, here!

If you have Cancer Rising, you’re in the right place to quickly see house rulership, which is helpful as you calculate the Lord of the Year in the Annual Profections Timing Technique…

Cancer Rising Annual Profections, A Guide…

Let’s look at the houses, step-by-step.

As a Cancer Rising person, your first house contains Cancer…

1st House: Cancer

2nd House: Leo

3rd House: Virgo

4th House: Libra

5th House: Scorpio

6th House: Sagittarius

7th House: Capricorn

8th House: Aquarius

9th House: Pisces

10th House: Aries

11th House: Taurus

12th House: Gemini

As a Cancer Rising person, your first house contains Cancer, and the ruler is the Moon.

1st House: Moon (Cancer)

2nd House: Sun (Leo)

3rd House: Mercury (Virgo)

4th House: Venus (Libra)

5th House: Mars (Scorpio)

6th House: Jupiter (Sagittarius)

7th House: Saturn (Capricorn)

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8th House: Saturn (Aquarius)

9th House: Jupiter (Pisces)

10th House: Mars (Aries)

11th House: Venus (Taurus)

12th House: Mercury (Gemini)

Here’s another way to say it…

As a Cancer Rising person, the Moon rules my first house…

…because the Moon rules Cancer!

The Sun rules my second house…

…because the Sun rules Leo!

Mercury rules my third and twelfth house…

…because Mercury rules Virgo and Gemini!

Venus rules my fourth and eleventh house…

…because Venus rules Libra and Taurus!

Mars rules my fifth house and my tenth house…

…because Mars rules Scorpio and Aries!

Jupiter rules my sixth and ninth house…

…because Jupiter rules Sagittarius and Pisces!

Saturn rules my seventh and eighth house…

…because Saturn rules Capricorn and Aquarius!

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