Capricorn Fashion Secret: Embrace Lace…

The GOAT can choose this carefully crafted fabric that takes time and hard work!

A Capricorn fashion secret and my top tip? Embrace Lace!

This fabric can be a stable in the mountain goats wardrobe. Suited to the office, dinner parties, social occasions and formals, lace lends itself to many outings.

The style of a well crafted lace is synonymous with Capricorn, as takes time and patience to form. Incorporating a delicate handiwork, lace is under the rulership of this enduring earth sign.

Lace is looked after by the zodiac sign ‘classic Capricorn’ and this means our Capricorn sisters look particularly perfect in this style.


Sun In Capricorn, Kate Bosworth Leans Back Into Lace…

You’ll notice that Capricorn wears this material better than the rest, especially in their signature colour, black but equally in any tone.

It’s no wonder Sarah Burton featured lace so beautifully on Kate Middleton’s wedding dress…


Check out this line-up of lace below as proof!

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Lace – A Capricorn Fashion Signature…


Kate Middleton, Vanessa Paradis, Michelle Obama, Kate Moss, Sienna Miller, January Jones, Lily Cole & Kate Bosworth…

You might know that Capricorn is ruled by Saturn. In turn, Saturn is the planet of death, limits, finality and time. We wear black to funerals and black lace is a choice look for mourning.

Do use this choice of fabric to convey stoicism, seriousness, and formal tone that’s not to be tested. Here we can set our limits, with firm lines delicately drawn…

Saturn represents boundaries. Who better to suggest a line not to be crossed than the mystical sea goat?

I like to look to the natural world because it is so rich in the inspiration it offers. We might like to consider that earthy Capricorn takes its cues from the forest and skeletons of the trees, plants and shrubberies. 

Here, the mushroom we see leaves a beautiful white framework suited to Capricorn.

Advice For Capricorn Fashion?

Live it up in lace!

Choose a lace trim for important occasions, or an all-over lace outfit. Let me know what you think on Instagram!

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