Most Magical Capricorn Style – The Mythic Sea Goat…

See Those Born Under Zodiac Sign Cappy With An Illustrious Magic!

Top Left Clockwise: Karen Elson, Kate Moss, Suki Waterhouse, Georgia Jagger, Sienna Miller, FKA Twigs, Sade, Florence Pugh, Aaliyah, Donna Summer, Lily Cole, Christy Turlington, Dolly Parton, Marlenę Dietreich, Jared Leto, Vanessa Paradis, Michelle Obama, Helena Christensen, Faye Dunnaway and Timothée Chalamet…

Every year during Capricorn Season, we celebrate a very special night.

Not only is the first moment of this month Winter Solstice (the shortest day, and longest night), it’s also New Years Eve during this time!

It looks like those born under this star sign have a magical, whimsical touch to their attire.

Check out Capricorn Style for New Years, as they dress for the transitionary moment, one year to the next…

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Remember that Capricorn is the mythical Sea Goat, with the head of a goat and tail of a fish!

This alludes to this signs enduring practicality but also their intuitive capabilities… They are magic makers, master manifestors…

Note how your Capricorn friend is always busy making moves yet makes it look so easy getting a foot on the ladder – their hoof to the mountains summit!

With their tail in water, intuition and common sense come together. This is reflected in their capacity to make fashion magic too!

They should play with iridescent tones for their party look… Not only is it their birthday, it’s a time to celebrate!

What do you think the most significant Capricorn style signature is?

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