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Ca-ching! Celebrating The Chinese Year Of The Horse Fashion Finds At Bloomingdales

Big brands are really going to town on the Chinese Lunar New Year, with collections springing up all over. Bloomingdales has marked the occasion with pop-up shops and equestrian themed merchandise, and Starbucks has a special Gift Card too!

I think it’s fabulous when fashion weaves zodiac magic into our threads, and we tote around good luck in our bags, clutches and purses. The question is, who’s getting it right in the style stakes and who’s forcing the theme simply to cash in?!

Check out the fashion designers and brands embracing the Chinese Year of the Horse across their collections and decide which is a yes and which is frazzled fashion faux no go…

The Top Chinese Year Of The Horse Fashion Finds



Luscious luxe brand Gucci released a capsule collection celebrating Chinese New Year, which features the Bright Brit handbag, shoulder bag and clutch in patent leather. The brilliant red color represents prosperity, luck and success, and the gold horse bit is synonymous with the Gucci brand – how could they not join in the Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations?!


Sadly for some this is a limited edition bag and “China Exclusive”, see the brass plate on the logo clad interior Sorry! Scores on the doors from StarSignStyle! – It’s a yes please from me!

Go to Gucci.com.

Vivienne Westwood

Queen Viv has released an appropriate design to celebrate Chinese New Year, a horse pendant with the Westwood Orb surrounding the nape of the animal.


The gold coated brass piece is studded with Swarovski Crystals and features Chinese knot work. I love nearly everything that comes out of this brand – it’s British brilliance and it has my vote.

Visit VivienneWestwood.co.uk for more information.

Salvatore Ferragamo

chinese-year-of-the-horse-fashion-ferragamoThis silk scarf comes in ivory, yellow, lucky red and black and I think it’s absolutely gorgeous. The label has also produced a pretty horse print tie for the fellas. Nice.

Horse in Garden, Silk Twill from SS 2014 collection at Ferragamo.com.



The Lunar New Year collection at DKNY is wrong, wedge trainers, nondescript tees. I don’t even want to share them here, I just can’t bring myself to. But there is one piece that’s oh so right! The red embroidered jacket is ticking some sort of box for me, perhaps it’s my Saggy moon that can’t resist sports-wear. Generally I’m not best impressed with this collection though.

Diane von Fürstenberg


Capricorn fashion designer Diane von Fürstenberg celebrates the Chinese New Year with a limited-edition horse print wrap dress and clutch. Would I wear it? Probably not, but I’d admire a lady that does…

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Go to DVF.com to see the collection!



Nike seem to traditionally celebrate Chinese New Year with unique designs, but I can’t pretend that this shoe is rocking my world. It’s the second sneaker from basketball player Kobe Bryant’s collection, and honours the horse with an emblem on the back of the heel. Thoughts on Facebook please.

See more at Nike.com.

Carolina Herrera


CH, Carolina Herrera, pays tribute to the horse with gold embossed on her classic Matryoshka bag. It isn’t my cup of chai although I do like the shape – like a horse feedbag no?

In selected stores.

British Brand Burberry Says Happy New Year!

Thanks Burberry but what have ye for sale?? Nothing worth mentioning in my opinion! Tut tut…

Longchamp Paris


The jury’s still out on these bespoke bags from Longchamp. I wouldn’t buy this bag – would you? I’m not sure I’d covet it from afar either, even for a moment. It’s a great brand but was it necessary to squeeze this out for New Year celebrations?

Love Longchamp? See their site.

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Jonathan Adler


Designer Jonathan Adler’s gone all out with a Year Of The Horse shop online! Not sure if the collection was in existence before the New Year drive at Bloomingdales but the thought’s in the right place. Not a fan of this clutch but won’t judge if you love!

Check out the goods at JonathanAdler.com.

Best Of The Rest…


Clockwise From Top: Starbucks Gift Card, Chantecaille Eyeshadow Blush PaletteEstée Lauder Year Of The Horse Powder Compact, Swatch Watch, Clarisonic Year Of The Horse, Limited Edition Chocolates From Goddiva And Beats By Dre Headphones…

I just know you’re desperate to know what will be in store next year… Last year saw SnakeSkin rule, this year’s equestrian theme is big and 2015? It’s the turn of the Sheep!

Expect Lanolin and sheepskin all over, oh do be a lamb!

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