Chiron In Aries, April 2018 – 2026!

🔑Feeling like 😩😭👈 That’s the face of #Chiron 🔑 (Looks like a key in your astrological birth chart.) 🔑 Chiron is the asteroid that just moved into Aries, and so anyone born early in Aries Season is likely feeling a wee crisis of confidence or perhaps having a blow to their ego – likewise planets or the moon in the first few degrees of Aries. 🔑 Free birth chart calculator on helps you out! 🔑 Chiron can affect us in a myriad of ways, even playing out externally – for example through a family member. 🔑 A friend is having a Chiron transit to his sun and it’s playing out through his father who’s sick; the sun in our chart is often our dad or older male authority figures… 🔑🔑🔑 Link in my bio to a read on Chiron in Aries [2018-2026!] 🔑🔑🔑 It ain’t all bad tho Stargazers, as Chiron can lead us to incredible growth and give us the healing and closure we need! 🔑 In fact, Chiron can force us to take a leap, despite not being entirely comfortable… 🔑 The moon’s in a tough place right now so go gentle if you’re out and about – the mood is a wee bit volatile, with a sensitive Cancer moon in opposition to Saturn, Mars and Pluto – yikes!! 🌝😘 #chironinaries #astrology #astrologyposts #asabovesobelow #astrologypost #modernmystic #karma #karmaisabitch #astrologersofinstagram #starsignstyle #horoscope #horoscopo #horoscopes #zodiacfacts #astrolove #mystic #mystical #astroloji #astrologymemes #astrologyzone #taurusseason #unlockyourpotential

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The Symbol Of Chiron – Looks Like A Key!

CHIRON IN ARIES, 2018 to 2026

OK, first lets start by introducing Chiron, an asteroid that was the central figure to the Oscar winning Moonlight movie, except the hero of that journey pronounced the name ‘Shy-rone‘.

Chiron in astrology is so very often referred to as ‘the Wounded Healer’ and points to an area of life that’s a bone of contention, a hurt or an achilles heel. Sometimes this particular hurt will be profound, if you wear it on your sleeve or are hyper-aware of it, other times it will be so elusive you barely notice it.

Unlike plenty of other subjects in astrology there hasn’t been a whole lot written about Chiron. It’s a fairly newly discovered asteroid, which takes around 50 years to make his way though the zodiac.

On April 17th Chiron moved from Pisces to Aries.

In years ahead, Chiron will be most pertinent to those with planets, the moon or astrological points in ARIES – so Aries rising, this one’s especially for you!

Vulnerability, Inadequacy & Self-Esteem Issues

Unlike flirty Venus, sexy Mars or the mysterious moon, Chiron points to a side of ourselves that isn’t quite so comfortable looking at.

It’s our weaknesses.

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However, Chiron delivers opportunities for – you guessed it – healing, which can totally be a good thing. Chiron can set us free, even if it comes by pushing us in at the deep end.

For those born under an Aries sun, when Chiron meets the degree of your sun it could prompt a bit of an identity crisis, or make you feel a little insecure about your place in the world – it could even manifest through an important man in your life such as your father.

If Chiron meets the degree of your ascendant the image you present in the world could begin to feel uncomfortable. You might not like what you see in the mirror or feel you want to change your look.

If Chiron meets your midheaven your career path could be influenced or affected, bringing you a set back around professional matters or your worldly role. When Chiron meets your moon it could be an incredibly emotionally draining time.

For any points in your natal chart that Chiron meets by aspecting it or directly transiting it, there could be hurt feelings or sensations. However everything happens for a reason and whatever’s instigated is surely for the greatest good!

If you were born early in Aries season you will be feeling its influence, very much so.

The Myth Of Chiron

In Greek mythology Chiron was a centaur who was a healer and teacher, yet could not heal himself.

Achilles And Chiron…

Son of Cronus (a.k.a. Saturn), like all the gods he was immortal. Fatally wounded and yet destined to live forever, he lived in constant pain, healing others but always with an acute sense of discomfort.

The struggle is real guys!

Dates For Chiron In Aries

  • Chiron enters Aries – 17th April 2018
  • Chiron enters Pisces (retrograde) – 25th September 2018
  • Chiron enters Aries permanently – 18th February 2019
  • Chiron Enters Taurus – 19th June 2026.
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