Spring Equinox Astrology And The Sun At 0º Aries!

Spring Has Sprung With The Turning Of The Wheel...

While you may think new years falls on January 1st, there’s another “New Year” you can observe.

Stars re-align during the Spring Equinox on or around March 20th, an event marked astrologically by the sun moving into Aries, which is the very first zodiac sign.

0º Aries: Spring Equinox Astrology

This signals a shift in energy, as the Sun appears in the sign of the Ram, initiating, trailblazer Aries.

Aries is a Cardinal Zodiac Sign (like Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn).

These are the turning points of the Zodiac Wheel that instigate, with motivation to take action.

  • Aries claims a fresh start and the intrepid passion for a new beginning,
  • Cancer has the inclination to actively find security and place,
  • Libra holds the impetus to connect on an intellectual level,
  • Capricorn moves us towards longevity, sustaining tangible builds over time.

Day and night are of equal length at this time.

In fact, the word equinox actually means ‘equal night’, and the duration of the day and night are now the same.

We are at the point that sees the long nights of winter (and darkness) make way and yield to the long days of summer (and light)… The light is getting stronger!

This is a great time for fresh starts, new beginnings and initiation – it’s incredibly affirming, fertile, self-starting time.

Aries Season makes for an ideal month for reflection around our personal autonomy, to show awareness of our independent nature and solo feats that can be accomplished with energy and drive, when we get behind the wheel.

Look at your motivations, goals and what you’re keen to accomplish.

This is an opportunity to change into a refreshing gear, just as fresh shoots spring forth we can spring into action and a better way of being…

When we honour the equinox in March, we’re honouring both Mars, and the Sun.


In the system of Planetary Dignities the Sun in Aries is considered in its Exaltation – the Sun in Aries is Exhalted! The light is strong and resplendent!

The ancients even built incredible calendars to mark the regularity of the Sun at this moment every year, and to feel closely near to the divine.

Significant Sites For The Equinox

Machu Picchu…

In Machu Picchu, the City of the Incas, there is an archaeological site perched atop a mountain overlooking the Urubamba Valley.

Here, a giant stone sits at the top of this sacred mountain called Intihuatana, which means “the place when the sun gets tied.”

The stone is perfectly positioned so that each corner sits at the four cardinal points (north, south, east, and west).

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At exactly noon on the date of the spring or fall equinox, the Sun’s shadow disappears.

The stone is a precise indicator of the date of the two equinoxes.


The Great Sphinx and Pyramid of Khafre in Egypt also mark the spring and fall equinox.

These ancient sites see a peculiar phenomenon at sunset on the date of either equinox.

If you stand directly in front of the Sphinx you’ll observe the Sun setting on the Sphinx’s right shoulder.

At this angle, the Sun also sits at the southern corner of the Pyramid of Khafre, located behind the Sphinx.

How amazing! 

Quarter Days…

The Spring Equinox is one of the quarter days in the calendar, the other quarter days being:

  • the summer solstice (or midsummer),
  • the autumn equinox (autumnal or fall equinox),
  • and the winter solstice (also called midwinter).

Spring Equinox – A Time To Celebrate With Ostara!

Each of the four quarter days has a ‘Solar Festival’, Ostara, Litha, Mabon and Yule.

The Vernal or Spring Equinox coincides with Ostara.

This is a celebratory time but also the name of an ancient Germanic goddess of spring (a.k.a. Eostre or Eastre).

Eostre was a goddess of fertility, connected with hares or rabbits, birds and eggs.

The symbols of the natural world went on to be translated into our modern day celebrations!

Bunnies hop, skip and jump, and Aries celebrate their birthdays with joy!

Seasonal Changes In Nature…

This is always such a wonderful point in the calendar to acknowledge.

It’s not that we see visible shifts all around us in the colours of nature.

Be aware of the changes eating foods that are seasonal…

Try to use the colours of Aries if you mark the equinox!

Read more about the astrological significance of Easter, here.

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