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Ostara | Spring Equinox Astrology… & The Sun At 0º Aries!

Spring Has Sprung With The Turning Of The Wheel...

While you may think the new year falls on Jan. 1, there’s another “new year” you can observe.

Stars re-align during the Spring Equinox on March 20th, an event marked astrologically by the sun moving into Aries, which is the first zodiac sign.

0º Aries: Spring Equinox

This signals a shift in energy, as the Sun appears in the sign of the Ram, initiating, trailblazer Aries.

When is the Spring Equinox in 2021?

The Spring Equinox or (Vernal Equinox) is…

  • March 20th at 5.37 pm in Hong Kong
  • March 20th at 9.38 am in London (Universal Time)
  • March 20th at 5.38 am in New York.

Aries is a Cardinal Zodiac Sign (like Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn), these are the turning points of the Zodiac Wheel that instigate, with motivation to take action; Aries with a fresh start and the intrepid passion for a new beginning, Cancer with the inclination to find security and place, Libra with the impetus to connect on an intellectual level, Capricorn to move towards longevity, sustaining tangible builds over time.

Day and night are of equal length at this time – in fact the word equinox actually means ‘equal night’, and the duration of the day and night are now the same.

We are at the point that sees the long nights of winter (and darkness) make way and yield to the long days of summer (and light)… The light is getting stronger!

This is a great time for fresh starts, new beginnings and initiation – it’s incredibly affirming, fertile, self-starting time.

Aries Seaason makes for an ideal month for reflection around our personal autonomy, to show awareness of our independent nature and solo feats that can be accomplished with energy and drive, when we get behind the wheel.

Look at your motivations, goals and what you’re keen to accomplish.

This is an opportunity to change into a refreshing gear, just as fresh shoots spring forth we can spring into action and a better way of being…

In the system of Planetary Dignities the Sun in Aries is considered in its Exaltation – the Sun in Aries is Exhalted! The light is strong and resplendant!

Quarter Days

The Spring Equinox is one of the quarter days in the calendar, the other quarter days being:

  • the summer solstice (or midsummer),
  • the autumn equinox (autumnal or fall equinox),
  • and the winter solstice (also called midwinter).

Ostara – A Time To Celebrate!

Each of the four quarter days has a Solar Festival: Ostara, Litha, Mabon and Yule.

The Vernal or Spring Equinox coincides with Ostara, a celebratory festival but also the ancient Germanic goddess of the spring (a.k.a. Eostre or Eastre).

She was the goddess of fertility, and connected with hares and eggs, which translated into the symbolism of our modern celebrations!

Read more about the astrological significance of Easter, here.

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