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Cilla – Venus In The First Sits With Jupiter – That’s A Lorra Lorra LOVE!

Such sad news to hear that Cilla has died, aged 72.

Born Priscilla Maria Veronica White, ‘our Cilla‘ rose to fame at an early age alongside the Beatles, and stayed firmly in the public eye throughout her life.

Sun In Gemini sits with Uranus in the natal chart of Cilla, making her a perfect chat show host, which is how I’ll best remember her.

Gemini’s purpose in life is to communicate, and this zodiac sign is blessed with a quick wit and bags of sparkling charm. Throw Uranus into the mix and you’ve an individual that likes to do things a bit differently, perhaps even shock! Suits her show: Surprise Surprise, perfectly.

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Cancer Rising brings a caring and sensitive energy into the mix (dealing with those emotional families-reunited), Moon in Pisces is also deeply intuitive, so while this star is a gorgeous Air-sign Gemini she actually has a host of watery energies beneath the surface too…

Cilla’s Gemini Sun forms a trine with Neptune for a supportive aspect in music, film and television (Neptune being the glamour planet), and she enjoyed successful careers in both music and on camera.

Perhaps the most wonderful aspect of this stars astrology is her Venus and Jupiter, together in the first house, which is charming with lots of love to spread. What a beautiful expression in Blind Date, where Cilla played matchmaker and sent couples to exotic locations around the world. She still worked out her Gemini – totally got the gossip on their return!

Cilla made such a wonderful presenter on  because she asked the questions others wouldn’t dare and was always on the right side of cheeky! Mercury in Taurus toned down her mischievous nature with a bit of steadiness, and is oh so suited to sensuality and singing…

Cilla Black Astrology Chart

cilla black astrology

Born 27th May At 8am, 1943 In Liverpool, UK. Died 1st August 2015 In Estepona, Spain.

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