Discover Couture Tarot With Megan Skinner…

The Mystical Seamstress Tells All About The New Kickstarter And Fashionable Project....

I’m so lucky to meet and connect with incredible people all the time thanks to Instagram, and one of my favorite – Megan Skinner (@megansees) – is launching her very own Tarot Deck – and you can buy early on Kickstarter!

I wanted to share news about this with you guys, as it marries the mystical and the material beautifully, and I know you’re going to love it as much as I do!

Introducing: Couture Tarot!

Love This Stylish Interpretation Of The Tarot….

First of all, I have to share. Megan is a gorgeous Leo Rising / Libra Lady, with her Sun at 29º Libra – a very powerful degree for the expression of beauty in the world (and the exact opposite of my 29º Aries Sun, which stuggles to grasp aesthetics, beauty, fashion, which is why I’m on a perpetual mission to hone my personal style).

When I discovered this, I knew she and I would get along, with plenty she presents in the world to my liking – Sun opposite Sun brings light to the ‘other’ side of the coin!

I was fascinated at the concept of this new project, and have been hotly awaiting its release (and immediately ordered my deck on Kickstarter, which has just gone live!)

An established reader, clairvoyant, astrologer and spiritual counseller, Megan received her first deck of Tarot cards at fourteen and now has over 25 years experience with this valuable work, and I truly believe there is no better person qualified to bring this project to its fruition. 

Of all her modalities, her passion is Tarot, the other?  Fashion!

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Megan Skinner explores the archetypes in Tarot through a stylish lens...

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Megan Skinner explores the archetypes in Tarot through a stylish lens...

When I was a teenager, my mother and I spent many happy afternoons after school, with cups of tea and Pepperidge Farm gingerbread cookies, looking through our preferred magazines: Vogue, Bazaar, Elle, Glamour and Mademoiselle. We’d earmark the pages with our favorite outfits, some of which my mother, a seamstress, would recreate.

To Megan, high fashion is art – and one of her greatest inspirations.

Both the Tarot – and collage art – are experiencing an exciting renaissance, with many new mystical interpretations – and decks – available. However I’m extra excited with what Megan has created…

The Power Of The Tarot – And Couture…

Megan shared with me, that the power of the Tarot – and it’s great magic – is that it acts as  visual poetry and intuitive oracle, filled with mystical metaphors and allegories that encourage you to use your imagination.

Its wisdom is timeless, but by using modern archetypes, Megan discerns meaning and channels inspiration and deeper perspective through the fashion of our time.

Thanks to her mothers influence, and her own stylish hand (that blend of that Leo / Libra magic), Megan has continued the thread to bring answers to seeker with Couture Tarot, born from a stack of fashion magazines…

I became a mystical seamstress, cutting and sewing (or in this case, pasting!) together different images to create 78 individual tapestries, reflecting the energies of each card.

After a long illness, Megan’s mother passed while she was in the process of creating the deck. However Megan knew that her presence was near, whispering and nudging her along as each card came to life. As an artist and fashionista in her own right, she would love the result.

Couture Tarot is at the printers and will be complete by February 15th, 2020, but for holiday shoppers: If you’re giving a deck (or two!) to friends, Megan adn her team will send a gift card to let them know their deck is on the way! 

For more information go to Couture or back the Kickstarter now!

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