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December Monthly Horoscope – Balance is Required By All The Zodiac…



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Balance is key for all zodiac signs this December, as Jupiter (planet of abundance and excess) is home to roost in its own sign, Sagittarius.

While this planetary shift signals somewhat of a cosmic party, any fireworks may fall a little flat, as a hazy spell blocks and dampens our view. Energizing trailblazer Mars is submerged in the dreamy waters of Pisces, alongside Neptune, putting us out of action and into a more peaceful, meditative slumber.

Though hopes are high and enthusiasm great, we’ll have to wait till January for lift-off. Still, a little imagination goes a long way on the new moon December 7th (2.20 am EST), so plan for success.

The full moon in nurturing Cancer (Saturday December 22nd 12.49 pm EST) could bring a wonderful sense of closure before the year is out. This is an opportune moment to break bread – or something sweeter – with family, and for random acts of kindness.

Aries or Aries Rising

It’s possible life has taken on a more reflective, insightful tone, and your imagination continues to be stirred throughout December, Aries. The month ahead favors escapism, adventure and the great unknown, making it all too easy to get lost in your dreams – particularly between the 3rd and 7th. And yet it might be difficult entirely surrendering to the flow, as you’ve life to breathe into exciting projects, now on your radar.

Practice patience, dear Ram, and get some rest – particularly December 22nd, a sentimental day that hints at what’s to come in 2019. Intimate relationships can be relished this month, rely on others to support you-and your enduring ambitions-December 16th and 28th.

Taurus or Taurus Rising

Personal relations hit a sweet note in December, as you move past an erratic spell and onto steadier terrain. The stars are guiding you towards deeper connections, with commitment the channel for growth. There are opportunities to address your investment of time and resources, with a fresh look at the potential within partnerships on the 7th.


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Social activities are likely to appear extra enticing this month, so be sure to balance group endeavors with developments that require a more intimate level of presence and participation, Taurus.

December 21st demonstrates how certain individuals are helping to broaden your experience, philosophy or world-view, while the 22nd celebrates special ties. As the year draws to a close, relish your most meaningful unions.

Gemini or Gemini Rising

You may be preoccupied with a full schedule entering December, which won’t let up until the 13th. Even then, it’s likely efforts will be steered towards forging your path in the world, as energy’s easily lent towards making a big impression. However it’s likely you’ll take pleasure in everyday scenarios, with fun to be had as you work.

The weeks ahead deliver fresh starts in relationships, as your work wife, lover, or partner in crime is brightly lit and in full focus. Consider how best to balance your needs with theirs, showing tact and diplomacy – your sense of commitment grows towards months end.

The 22nd spotlights your role and earnings, helping put your ambitions into perspective.

Cancer or Cancer Rising

It’s possible you’re in the hot pursuit of an enlightening personal adventure, Cancer, seeking experiences that take you outside your usual realms of operation.

However this month also tasks you with getting down to the details of work, with health and routine matters also front of mind. You’re invited to enjoy a fresh start for your habits December 7th, although distractions may entice your focus elsewhere…

The 22nd provides space to step out with autonomy and purpose, while the remainder of the month proves a compelling time for teaming up. There’s serious intensity to collaborations, with partners in crime stoking your enthusiasm for passion projects December 28th.

New Years Eve can be particularly fun for Cancer!

Leo or Leo Rising

It’s a fun, busy December in which you can enjoy home spaces or your immediate surroundings, Leo. However one day in the calendar asks you to take a time-out, as the full moon flourishes in the corner of your horoscope governing sleepy surrender, escape and rest. The 22nd is one Saturday to take it slow; you’ll be back on form for the 25th.


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Ahead of this moment there are plenty of days to look forward to, which help you affirm new projects and interests, as well as a streamlined routine. The regular tasks and practices that make up your everyday schedule take precedence later in the month, with great emphasis around health, wellness, work and your lifestyle.

Virgo or Virgo Rising

A growing need for security could affect how you get along with others this December, Virgo. Fresh starts in your nest December 7th needn’t ruffle feathers, although there’s the potential for a conflict of interests (and confusion) when you engage at this time.

Personal relations should get easier after this point, with a greater focus on your family, surroundings, or home life from the 13th. Progress will feel less stilted, particularly when you consider innovative ways to pool resources or commit.

Connections that have blossomed in 2018 can be enjoyed this month, with a keen sense of rapport rounding off the year. Make note of the 22nd, which calls for celebration within your circle, soothing any aches in partnerships at this time.

Libra or Libra Rising

A heightened dynamic within your personal relationships subsides from the 5th, allowing you to regain confidence, traction and focus on the tasks at hand. Yet it’s a sociable time, too Libra, and you could be meeting friendly faces that make maintaining usual workflows challenging!


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Thriving connections demand you engage, yet you’ll be relishing the consistency of steady and reliable foundations underfoot – particularly December 16th. The 21st is an outstanding day to feel good about your efforts, and with extra visibility on the 22nd be sure to show off your accomplishments, affirming your desired position or goals.

Take time to ground yourself over the holidays; the 28th is a gorgeous day to feel right at home.

Scorpio or Scorpio Rising

Direct your energy towards the pursuit of pleasure this December, Scorpio, using creative, artistic or romantic outlets to channel your playful mood.

Work commitments might threaten to spoil your fun, as the stars put emphasis on your purpose, earnings and personal vision for what it is that you do. Trust you’ll gain clarity as the month unfolds and enjoy yourself, letting the practicalities evolve naturally. Don’t be so caught up in the material realms that you neglect what’s truly important.

Close ties may pull through for you mid-month, as well as December 18th and 28th – or you could come off well among friends or with a lover, expressing yourself with finesse.

The 22nd reveals more about a special quest.

Sagittarius or Sagittarius Rising

You’re in the spotlight in December, Sagittarius, with a great emphasis on ways you’re set to grow and expand in the year ahead! Like a butterfly emerging, give yourself time to step into opportunities. There may be birthing pains – powerful shifts are still helping you transition, and although you can glimpse at your potential you may be navigating some pretty hardcore emotions, too.


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Several moments – including the 7th – emphasize conflicting agendas; remember balance is key, as at times you’ll want to race ahead and at others privacy and solitude appeal. Spend the 22nd celebrating the investment in yourself and others, and be ready to step into your role. Huge transformations around your position are poignant on the 28th.

Capricorn or Capricorn Rising

Close ties and your sociable side is fired up in December, Capricorn, however you’re also being given a cosmic time-out, with moments to surrender, go offline and tune in to your emotions – and your private life. Balance a thriving sense of connection with plans evolving behind closed doors; activities among coworkers, peers or your community prove exciting, yet solitude can benefit you, too

The 14th is a choice day to show up among friends, and December 22nd you’re asked to fully engage. An emphasis on personal exchanges draws you out of your shell – it’ll then feel easier to be present in your circle, with a window to truly relate before the year is out.

Aquarius or Aquarius Rising

Connection to community is paramount in December, as you expand your network. It’s possible to gravitate towards peers, favoring group dynamics and engaging socially. However your energy is presently directed towards work too, as your career path or public profile radiates success.


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You may be tasked with choosing between the experiences you hope to cultivate among peers and your role. The 22nd is one day to celebrate consistency, routine, and how you show up.

Aquarius born are in the midst of great transitions, and can afford to step back on the 16th to acknowledge the considerable shifts underway. You could probably do with downtime from the 24th, so be sure not to overcommit during the holidays.

Pisces and Pisces Rising

It’s likely you’re feeling motivated, Pisces, with plenty of energy to relish experiences, growth or knowledge gleaned this year. However, the stars are nudging you towards a more visible position of notoriety now, which may or may not appeal.

A new beginning December 7th puts you on your path, yet it’s likely to be taken up with some resistance, as your personal agenda could clash with what’s on offer. Clarity arrives by the 21st.

With the potential for fun on the 22nd embrace your playful, passionate side, reveling in your own interests, and ushering in the holidays. Community plays a big part thereafter, with the 28th a particularly good day to express and enjoy yourself among friends.

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