April 27th: First Quarter Moon In Leo…

Taurus Season brings us to pasture but the Moon dazzles in Leo!

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We now see the Moon waxing and growing in the skies, arriving at its First Quarter Phase, in fire sign Leo.

The Sun, Mercury (Retrograde) and Uranus all appear in stable, earthy Taurus, along with asteroids Juno and Vesta, and the North Node. This makes for a strong signature that prompts us to reconsider where we land, what we produce and consume, how we trade in material assets – how we place value on things…

And yet there’s also a need to add colour, to express and inject vivacity and fun!

The Moon is in warm fire sign Leo adding a bit of drama, stirring us from all that’s predictable, profitable and reliable.

Thursday, April 27th, 2023.

  • First Quarter Leo Moon 5.19 pm EDT (New York)
  • First Quarter Leo Moon 5.19 pm BST (London)

Friday, April 28th, 2023.

  • First Quarter Leo Moon 5.19 am AWST (Hong Kong)

This quarter Moon relates to the Leo New Moon of July 29th 2022.

Think back to this time, what you were hoping for!


Taurus Season brings the spotlight to your own self-sufficiency, your position, and interests around your role or input.

You might be embracing a pause, getting on with a practical stride that works for you, recognising how enduring your efforts are, all you’ve built and developed that’s meant to last. However, balance solid, sensible concerns & acknowledgement of what’s in stock with heart-centred play! The First Quarter Moon in your fifth house wants you to burn bright with enthusiasm…


See a self-affirming spotlight on you, with your presence, personality and physical body in focus; as an earth sign you’ve a steady tenacity, a reliable and dependable friend, others may look to for solid company (particularly now, with this year’s eclipses in your sign!)

Stand firm! Yet note a way to tend to family, to stabilise in the domestic realms, to be sensitive to home life. Draw near to the warmth of the familiar! Find your place in cosy environments…


You may be focused on your dreams, unconscious behaviours, a retreat from your usual work, or even a misunderstanding. There may be a secret issue, confidentiality to uphold, or clandestine operations underway… Rest and recoup! Take leave or go offline. Yet note a mood that sees you engage in conversations, broaching what’s to learn, teach or navigate. It may be important that you’re heard! Show interest and volunteer your opinion…

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The Sun now shines in your community house, so friends and supportive acquaintances (or your own humanitarian side) is in focus. Show up as part of a crew, team or network. Yet note you could be in the mood to tend to what’s yours, checking in with what you have, what’s owed to you, and what you personally stand to gain in your role. Balance profits with your fellow man – friends in the world around you!


You may be focused on your public image, your position in the world and the public eye, rethinking what you say or share publicly, the story of your career and what you represent! Yet how you really look or the reality of your presence, body or look may be important to acknowledge, too. Balance how you wish to be seen, visible, notorious and successful with your true character.


Taurus Season brings the focus to a quest, journey or visionary pursuit, taking other people’s opinions, global stance or cultural perspective into consideration. Engage with your philosophy, outlook, wisdom gained or how you’ve come to know a different perspective. Yet welcome a pause and an opportunity to consider the ways you surrender, escape, exhale and de-stress. The Moon urges you to face your fears and something uncomfortable. Balance higher education or international relations, and what you reveal to all on a public platform with a need to keep some things private.


Your obligations, loyalties and practical steps with a partner are now in focus, with an amplification of the legacy you build and leave. You may be dealing with investments, a mortgage or joint bill and outgoings, relying on a provider or person (and their resource or capabilities). Determine who or what you’re beholden to, yet allow your humanitarian spirit bring you into a group setting. Partake in community or a company of peers! You could in the mood to be social, as well as intimate. 


Taurus Season brings the spotlight to all kinds of partnerships, with a focus on one-to-ones. A particular individual may stand out, prompting you to reflect or marvel at how your relationship status and current set-up looks completely different than in years gone by! Yet elsewhere you may be in the mood to acknowledge success and how you feel most at home with your position in the public eye. Look at how you shine in public spaces, as well as engaging in exciting relationship dynamics…


You may be focused on cultivating a routine, with a rethink around your health, work-a-day duties or job. There may be a revaluation underway when it comes to building positive habits that keep you on track. However, you’ll want to balance your tenacity and practical regimes with global issues, culture, education, another perspective, or worldly experiences. The Leo Moon could set you in the mood for travel and adventure – going further with a specialist subject. 


Focus on your own personal inspiration, on expressing yourself with imagination, creativity and passion! Taurus Season brings the spotlight to sex, romance, playful discoveries, hobbies, crafts, the arts, sports and DATING! Your love life! However, the Leo Moon could set you in the mood to trust, develop intimacy, pledging yourself or sharing. Note those you’re committed to – not only a spouse but all kinds of people that keep your confidence. Note what others prompt you to address within you, any fears or anxieties you’re confronted with now.


You may be focused on home life, your domestic set-up or surroundings, feeding and nurturing yourself, or connecting with a parent. Yet the Leo Moon urges you to check in with a partner, showing sensitivity and care towards others. Find the warm-hearted individuals and relationships that melt away your hard exterior, sense little acts of service between a collaborator and you, and team up. Balance solid ground and safe spaces with another person and their agenda.


You may be focused on learning, teaching, expressing yourself or navigating important conversations and your surroundings. Make contact, be heard, and really get a sense of your mindset, ideas and that of those around you, clearing away any confusion or embracing a chance to discover more about your thoughts! However, note the Leo Moon could see you in the mood to be productive, creating efficiencies (and getting the job done)! Sense what and who helps you stay on top of things, maintaining your wellness. Be aware of what you need to feel at ease in your day-to-day environment, taking pride in health, diet, service, and the way you keep going.

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