September 22nd: First Quarter Moon In Sagittarius

Take a leap of Faith around practical plans, feeling equipped to move forwards, step by step, little by little!

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Be reminded of a journey or vision quest that’s opened up another perspective or outlook on the world, Aries. The First Quarter Sagittarius Moon spells adventure!

With your ruling planet Mars in your relationship zone, you could be looking to those that matter, to see a viewpoint that’s different to your own.

Pay attention to what others bring out in you, experiencing a breakthrough that’s needed to broaden your horizons.

Just be aware Virgo Season means business, and wants you to stay on point, on task, leaning into profit and what you might do with great purpose!


We reap what we sow, and the First Quarter Moon in fire sign Sagittarius could see you taking steps toward a personal financial breakthrough!

There may be progress working with others, so look for evidence of a trusted emotional bond, or find you’re inclined to share space, invest time or resources for mutual gain or profit.

A pleasant, fun side of life may be distracting, with your kids or creative spirit featuring. You may have learnt what brings you true happiness these past few weeks, and can now appreciate what’s in your heart!


With the First Quarter Moon in Sagittarius you could experience a breakthrough around partnerships, Gemini. Look to individuals you encounter one-on-one, not limiting yourself to a spouse or romantic tie. You could gain progress with a best friend, business alliance, client or family member, or even an arch-rival.

Virgo Season is drawing to a close, yet you may continue to be engaged with home life, your land, roots, property or the past. It’s not necessarily easy, accommodating both domestic or household interests, and your ‘other half’.

Multitask as best you can without spreading yourself too thin. Give yourself a generous break!


The Moon reaches its First Quarter phase, encouraging you to make breakthroughs in the way you operate day-to-day. See how you’ve developed positive, healthy habits or made progress at work.

There may be significance in a lifestyle choice, your physical constitution, a wellness project or employment, with a push toward maintenance or systems.

However, note the Sun and Mercury in Virgo could pose distractions, with the spotlight landing on your connection to others, and your circle of friends. Show interest in people around you, mindful that navigating your environment and communicating effectively could take you away from your rhythm of upkeep.


Virgo Season spotlights your second house of money, earnings, salary, material concerns and purpose. We’re concluding an astrological month designed to help you pin down your own valuable contribution.

However, today is significant for your passions: projects that you’ve put heart into, creative expression that’s an outlet, hobbies or sporting pleasures, even your children or fertility.

The First Quarter Moon could see you drawn towards what you love, who or what inspires you! It’s necessary to meet your desires, while also knowing your role, reputation, financial position or to engage with a practical side of life.


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Your time in the Sun draws to a close today, with the last full day of Virgo Season.

Yet, your ruling planet Mercury will spend more time traversing your first house, so don’t be surprised if you continue to be engaged and occupied with personal plans and your own ideas…

As the Moon strides through Sagittarius, you’re invited to heed security, domestic settings, familiar surroundings or issues around parenting. Home life, private subjects and where you settle may draw you in, so that you gain a foothold among family – or a way to feel at ease, safe and secure.


The past few weeks may have seen you sift through matter that’s elusive, with a cathartic process of solitude, rest, or a way to get on with work behind the scenes.

You may have been tirelessly focused on your inner wellbeing, with attention on the subtle mechanics of your body or mental health.

Yet today is social, with the First Quarter Moon touching your sector of communications and common ties. You’re now invited toward close relations, neighbours or a brotherhood. Feel good about those you happen to find yourself among, able to see what you have in common!


Be aware of any money issues arising today, Scorpio, as the First Quarter Moon brings emphasis to your sector of financial affairs, earnings and self-sufficiency.

Your personal contribution in a material sense may be prominent, your purpose through a role or position you take on. Virgo Season is drawing to a close too, so social themes are likely also in focus. Attention may have landed on the group or community you’re a part of, with great realizations about friends and your network these past few weeks.

Try to tend to the different areas of life, both practical and human.


Today’s First Quarter Moon is in your sign, so you could sense a personal breakthrough – or all eyes on the authentic you! Show confidence in who you are, look to your special attributes, qualities and character.

However, make note Virgo Season sets the spotlight on your ambitious nature.

The past few weeks may have led you to focus on work and career goals, or helped you step into a public profile, with visibility and attention on your image, personally or professionally. Strive to meet your true needs, while connecting to outward success…


Give attention to long-distance travel, higher education, knowledge or experience, Capricorn. Virgo Season comes to its conclusion , inviting you to ask what you’ve discovered about the world and its people. Grapple with other perspectives, beliefs or outlooks on life but don’t be surprised if you’re keen to retreat.

The First Quarter Moon touches the hidden part of yourself, so you may need to disappear, to heal a hurt that’s ready to be tended or maybe escape from it all – including yourself. This could see you putting others first, or perhaps you’ll check out and into your dreams!


With the First Quarter Moon you could experience a breakthrough around teamwork or collective interests, Aquarius. Note how you come together with allies from your network, able to visualize a common goal among friends.

Elsewhere, Virgo Season draws to a close, so you may have perspective around financial investments, a commitment made or explored. A process you’ve undergone may see you understanding obligations, with a shared pact between you.

Find you’ve a way to communicate, and common ground that sees you deeply involved.


It’s the last full day of Virgo Season, which has likely guided you to focus on some facet of your relationships, Pisces. You can expect more of this activity in the weeks ahead, with a deepening of what’s between you and a partner, which can be platonic, as well as romantic.

Yet today, the First Quarter Moon wants you to acknowledge your ambitions, reputation or could even lead to a breakthrough around your image and position at large. Feel attuned to your goals, and what you’re striving towards long-term, setting your sights high!

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