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Pink Moon Forecast: Your Full Moon In Scorpio Horoscope…

Rise Up With This Activating Full Moon!

Full Moon In Scorpio, 7º06’

  • Weekday: Tuesday, Mars Day (Mars is in Cancer)
  • Element: Water
  • Moon’s Ruler: Mars + Pluto.

Times Around The World…

  • Sydney: Tuesday April 27th 8.32 pm
  • Hong Kong: Tuesday April 27th 11.32 am
  • London: Tuesday April 27th 3.32 am
  • New York: Monday April 26th 11.32 pm
  • Los Angeles: Monday April 26th 8.32 pm.

It’s an exciting start to the week!

The Moon moves into Scorpio and appears at its fullest opposite the Sun.

Full Moons are times of peak illumination, spotlighting both luminaries (Sun + Moon) with equal light, equal importance across two sides of the coin – the purposeful (Taurus Sun), and the emotional (Scorpio Moon).

Now, the Sun appears in stable, constant, earthy Taurus: steady and reliable, while the Moon shines Scorpio for a revelation in water.

Scorpio is loyal, stealthy and resilient just like Taurus but operating in the water element understands the sensitivities and undertones in human relationships.

We can reveal our deepest feelings and fears with this Full Moon, now on solid ground…

[This Full Moon brings to fruition intentions and events set with the New Moon in Scorpio at the end of October 27th 2019, so we can think back to that time for clues around what is now coming full circle…].

Mercury and Venus in Taurus will be square Saturn in Aquarius, a reoccurring signature throughout 2021; Mars in Cancer (the ruler of this Lunation) will be widely trine the Moon, the Sun will be coming into a conjunction with Uranus. Black Moon Lilith will be with Venus and Mercury, adding a sexy, provocative subject matter to the day…

Your Full Moon In Scorpio Horoscope…


The Moon moves through Scorpio – a scintillating sign; to you, Scorpio represents private interests, long term investments made, and ways you come together with others for mutual gain.

While Taurus Season steers you to consider your own financial position, the Moon motivates you towards themes of trust and consolidation.

Shine a light on intimacy, loyalty, and the way you’ve successfully invested time, energy, money or resources, pooling what you have with others.

Notice how you’ve allowed yourself to be vulnerable while also standing in your power, merging what you have; allow the stars to show you what you’ve learnt about participating deeply, bonding and sustaining your relationship (& position) with outside help.


Spotlight trusted unions, bonds and mergers, Aries – from the parent that’s promising inheritance is coming your way, the spouse that’s helping you cover or share the bills, to the housemate that shares the burden of rent – and sees you in private moments in your common space; even a business ally, pension provider or loan shark who co-signs on you.


Taurus represents your finances, personal assets and earning power, your capabilities and ability to sustain yourself and your role – and now your belongings, personal value and contribution (your worth & input) are in focus.

With the Sun, Uranus, Venus and Mercury in Taurus you might find you’re thinking (or preoccupied) with money, saving and spending, making purchases or figuring out lucrative ways to find a sense of material comfort and purpose.

And yet with a trio in water you might need a greater sense of fulfilment in your position today, something more profound could move you – with your ruling planet in caring Cancer. Perhaps you’ve a longing toward inner peace.

Consider that true abundance comes when you’re at ease and clear headed…


The Moon moves through Scorpio – your opposite sign.

To you, Scorpio represents the ‘other’, your personal encounters, one-to-ones, and the interactions you have with all kinds of people (platonic, romantic and otherwise).

While Taurus Season steers you to consider autonomy, your independence and personal feats of interest, the Moon is invested in what you might experience through another person’s eyes… Shine a light on personal connections, particularly those that play into your closest connections; Mars moves through Cancer and your sector of kindred spirits so that sibling ties or your best buddies may have a part to play in your understanding.


Celebrate personal relationships and use timely reflection to glance back at how you’ve evolved, and how you show sensitivity or face your truth in unions.

Notice solid, reliable unions – a meeting of souls not limited to romantic encounters but instead all people met one-on-one: for example, the supportive ally you now can’t do without, the colleague that shares a stronger bond, the Internet connection who you’re meeting for the first time, or the teammate that’s now your spouse!

You may have plenty to say, now host to Mercury, planet of communication, thought and connection. But don’t just focus on your own stance, open up with sensitivity to what others have gone through and are looking to share…


It’s a big year for career and advancement in your outer profile, Taurus, thanks to giant Jupiter and stern Saturn in your tenth house of visibility, prominence and acclaim.

However, with four planets in your own sign you might find you’re thinking about yourself, your personal interests, projects and generally being chatty, involved and gregarious, showing up for your own desires and the pull of your own wants and needs.

It’s a fine balance now, honouring yourself while also stepping up to meet the expectations of you outwardly (from parents, a boss, elder or those at the top!)


The Moon moves through Scorpio – a solid, resilient sign.

To you, Scorpio represents your need to feel ‘well’ in your day-to-day environment (employment, your office, home or your body and state of mind) and there may be a matter of sickness, or an issue illuminated now connecting you to your constitution, healthy lifestyle choices and work.

While Taurus Season steers you to consider a sweet retreat of fantasy, escapism or lull hunker down and complete tasks in solitude, the Moon brings awareness of solid measures implemented that are practical.

Notice how you’re able to be of service, or what you need to be fit in body, mind, spirit and soul… Mars in watery Cancer helps you affirm the more material side of life (and comforting trappings: money, wealth or your income and belongings), with motivation to be present with what you have, save, spend or your earning potential and value so it can be a productive day!


With your ruler Mercury in the intuitive, mysterious twelfth house of hidden agendas there’s reason to retire and step back into isolation, to surrender to awareness of relationship tendencies that are untoward or leave you confused.

Build and develop peace of mind by being consistent and patient with yourself and others.


At Full Moon two sides of the same coin are lit with interest, today you may be vacillating between the ways you enhance your career or prepare yourself for a turn in the public eye.

While the Moon can shine a light on healthy lifestyles, daily maintenance and the acts that keep you running with ease, Taurus represents your ability to rest, recharge, and take it slow – though you’re a restlessly, flighty bird even you need to recoup, Gemini! You might presently be taking your foot off the accelerator, with time out behind the scenes to detox, ground yourself and decompress.

Find the balance – consider habits, practices, and conscious behaviours (hitting the gym, being nice to employees or your employer) that are useful and to be utilized in service of your work or position. But also take time out to reflect in peace.


The Moon moves through Scorpio – and your fertile fifth house of fun and playful activity – this is a day to relish fully!

To you, Scorpio represents conception and creativity, entertainment, parties, sports & sex – how you get your heart racing & enjoy your personal passions!

While Taurus Season steers you to consider group endeavours, teamwork, and friendly alliances in your network, the Moon urges you to illuminate pure delight.

Shine a torch into the dark corners brightly revealing what feels good to you, what’s fun, and importantly how your hobbies, interests, children or those greatest loves before you touch you personally.


Notice romance and your greatest conduit for happiness today, Cancer as the Moon illuminates playful notions of fertility: pregnancy, sexuality, your kids or down time with a lover – your lust for life!

The Moon is bright and at its peak of the cycle, marking a high point following the Full Moon; find something to cherish or that makes you smile or laugh!


Taurus represents your community, peer group or network, and the hopes and dreams that bring you common alliances in the world, Cancer.

With the Sun, Uranus, Venus and Mercury in Taurus you might find you’re thinking (or preoccupied) with shared interests and industry narratives, or slowly contemplating what you might achieve among friends and supportive allies– note those around you with a similar cause to champion!

How might you create beauty and sweetness within your friendship circle? What might you build and achieve with those you know by association?

It’s a day to spotlight your own creative talents too, as the Moon moves through your sector of inspiration, projects and pregnancy – highlight all that’s been born as an extension of you: a book, blog, business or artistic creation! People on the fringes will no doubt adore what you bring to the party!


The Moon moves through Scorpio – the hidden realms of your horoscope governing domestic life.

To you, Scorpio represents your family, your roots and the past, your lineage, land, property & inner emotional world.

While Taurus Season steers you to consider your outward facing reputation – your goals, paths to praise and security, professional feats as you make your way – the Moon motivates you to settle and find deep security…

Notice where you’ve found a place to call your own, or how you’ve the inclination to nurture and nourish yourself in ways that are sincere to you.

It’s possible you’ll feel keen to acknowledge what you have in your surroundings that helps you feel secretly comfortable, allow others a peek into your inner life on social media, say of your hearth or baked goods, or a parent you’re keen to honour and celebrate!


Your private life is spotlighted with the Full Moon in your zone of home, family, ancestry and the past, Leo, forcing you to address where you’re from or your feelings about your body and nourishment. Withdraw.

Take time out to nest, soothe yourself and settle, to feed yourself and others and practice self-care, even if this doesn’t feel natural or warranted.

Notice how you’ve developed something strong and solid underfoot – a resilient nature, the ability to protect your clan, and work with others in sacred (domestic or familial) spaces.


Taurus represents advancement and success, your life in the public eye, and all you do to uphold a professional title, following through toward your vocation. It’s a time to consider your trade, reputation, and how you garner praise and visibility, validated, appreciated and recognised.

With your celestial guide the Sun, and Uranus, Venus and Mercury in this sign of steady progress you might find you’re thinking (or preoccupied) with your own sense of notoriety and your standing or accomplishments. What’s next for you, Leo?

With a trio in water you might be facing more emotional complexities too!


The Moon moves through Scorpio – a sign of loyalty and truths.

To you, Scorpio represents neighbours, communication skills, your mindset and language, short journeys, and the way you develop rapport and understanding, and make your way.

While Taurus Season steers you to reach beyond your usual thinking and limits (engaging with those that might teach you to be aware of different perspectives, cultures and philosophies), the Moon steers you to connect and show awareness of how you successfully navigate your inner circle.

Notice neighbourhood dealings, close friendships, and an intimate team (say at school or work) and practice your listening skills with respect. It’s likely you can deliver your words discreetly yet powerfully, with poise, impact and meaning (try not to be too bitchy or devastating, Virgo!) as you verbalise your thoughts…


There’s the potential for you or those around you to speak truthfully, as the Moon shines bright in your house of speech, data, information and kindred spirits today; acknowledge the way all opinions are respected, heard and validated thanks to your composure and patience.

The planet of communication, thought and connection–your special ruling planet Mercury now appears in Taurus, slowly comprehending what others can teach you, Virgo, or what you can teach them.


Your communication, skills and learning axis is activated; four planets appear in Taurus, signalling adventure, personal development, knowledge seeking, growth and education – step outside local terrain or your neighbourhood to find something solid to grapple with – ideas, concepts and projects with a foreign feel. but also appreciate the basics, and ways you talk, write or find connection with those closest, too.

You may have found a specialist subject to enjoy and work with lately – a reason to broadcast or publish what you know or learn more! Perhaps you’ve found a guide or teacher pilgrim to journey and explore with. Share what you’ve discovered and get active among your peers, or industry networks too, as Mars appears in Cancer and your social zone of friendly allies…


The Moon moves through Scorpio – and your resourceful, lucrative second house of money, earnings, and cash flow.

To you Scorpio represents material interests, ways you make a living, spend & save.

While Taurus Season steers you to consider long-term investments, ways you might pool together for a mutually beneficial outcome and commit, the sensitive, emotional Moon urges you to reveal your feelings around self-worth, even shining a light on ways you’ve successfully sustained yourself or cash in on a lump sum.

Notice what you’ve gained, built, developed or amassed & attained over time; even making a profit as you sell on a possession, or scoring a piece that’s worth more than what you paid! Be grateful for all that’s in hand or banked.


Four planets appear in Taurus, so that you can turn your focus and attention towards unification, building and coming together with others with joint interests in mind, and assets to share or consolidate (i.e. moving in!).

Taurus the Bull represents ways you pool resources, and invest your time, energy, money, and property with something to gain, showing trust and loyalty; own your vulnerability and the power you hold that others recognise, too. Show you’re a reliable co-pilot – or co-signature – able to partake in serious, practical conversations, growing more intimate and involved.


Mars appears in watery Cancer and your tenth house of career, vocation, achievements and praise in the public eye, so there may now be motivation to get ahead and present yourself in a way that’s noteworthy.

With the Moon full in your second house you’ll also want to acknowledge finances, what you earn, and the way you make your salary – your role, position, and contribution – ways you command value!

Full Moons are a time for gratitude, and to spotlight what’s come full circle, so look at what you do have in hand, your assets and even a claim to fame!


The Moon moves through your own sign Scorpio, which may raise or present a physical, emotional or spiritual illumination that’s personal – open your heart to solo time and indulge your senses, your feelings and how you now appear.

There’s the potential to bring a personal situation or circumstance full circle.

While Taurus Season steers you to consider others, the Moon urges you to allow the spotlight to really fall on your shoulders. Stand in your power and give yourself appreciation or time to consider number one.

As Mars moves through Cancer you could be keen to go the distance and challenge yourself through a project, cultural exploration, to know or seek out a truth, belief, specialist education, or perhaps you’re keen to research a new philosophy. Allow awareness of self to propel you in the right direction.


To you, Taurus guides you to engage ‘the other’, to show awareness of those across the table (romantic, platonic, familiar or now, any person you’re engaging on the horizon). You could be inclined to engage and spark up conversation and enjoy the rapport that ensues.

You could be keen to team up with greater awareness of other people’s presence, validated or assured by those you encounter one-on-one (in a business, friendship, or loving scenario).

A relationship might provide the ideal setting to gain a sense of perspective, so don’t be reluctant to listen to what a partner has to say (especially if the conversation is about you!) Enjoy creative collaborations, relationships that are pleasant or people that teach you something about yourself….


It’s time to shine a light on your special qualities and even your intention to grow, develop, and know more – eager to set out in the direction of education or expertise that can be useful for your career or standing. Notice how you’re an important component to be appreciated set aside from family members or partners in business or marriage.


The Moon moves through Scorpio – a private, secretive sign.

To you, Scorpio represents hidden agendas and all that lies in your blind spot or unconscious.

It’s the unknowable mysteries that take time and resilience to overcome. Today, you can spotlight the tools you have at your disposal to find a deep sense of inner peace.

While Taurus Season steers you to consider work, toil, duty and your position – how you might step into service or work – the Scorpio Moon presents an emotional moment to surrender to, fully. Gain acceptance and find closure, moving on from habits that are now old news… Rest, exhale and pause.


As Mars moves through Cancer you could be keen to address issues in your private life, grappling with agreements or long-term investments before you – motioning to commit or take a partner and your bond seriously.

Meanwhile the Moon enhances this energy with an introspective mood; deal with the more mysterious attachments you have and move through uncomfortable emotional turmoil. Acknowledge that sometimes it’s best to take a break – even if you’re enduring a ‘busy spell’ it’s ok to pull back into a sanctuary of silence to purge and process any hurts or misunderstandings.


To you, Taurus Season represents a time of toil and hard work, and now, with the Sun, Uranus, Venus and Mercury in this practical sign you can set about getting organized, with a methodical approach to your chores, health, employment and all that keeps you grounded in place.

Address habits that are useful, productive and the ways you stay well (avoiding sickness). Perhaps your diet and routine or schedule (including exercise or gentle movement) is key, getting out in nature, for the ultimate wellbeing in body mind and spirit… You might have an intrinsic sense of what works for you! Relish how you’re going to keep it, secure and blissed out.


The Moon moves through Scorpio – an emotionally intelligent sign of loyalty and integrity.

To you, Scorpio guides activity among friends, and your social connection, Capricorn.

While Taurus Season steers you to consider romantic notions of your own creative sensuality, playful pleasures, fertility, the arts and beloved projects, the Scorpio Moon urges you to connect with your community, peer group, or those with a common interest in the world – or a cause to get behind.

Notice who you come into contact with (including online) and what’s being revealed to you now, look fearlessly at ways you engage with your fellow man and find yourself a part of an industry, movement, collective or crew…


As Mars moves through Cancer you could experience a partner that’s dynamic and eager to catch your attention; it could be beginning to feel ‘active’ in one-to-ones, with plenty to draw you into relating and engaging.

Full Moons are always a time of conflict – while the Sun lights up one corner of the skies, we’re inevitably drawn to look through an emotional lens at the opposite side of the coin… Sociability may be roused in you among all kinds of people, as Scorpio represents your allies and supportive alliances who champion a similar cause or concern.

Yet Taurus Season packs a punch too this year with four celestial bodies in your fifth house urging toward people, places and things you love and adore!!


Taurus Season is a month to embrace creative self-expression, hobbies, entertainment, even sports or way you get your heart racing – even if this is a craft or sedentary pleasure like music, baking, or painting.

Think about your own desires, talents and how you might play to get yourself in a space that breeds inspiration!

Yet note too that today’s about teamwork; consider events that gather the masses together (from a concert to a company meeting).

While it’s important to enjoy yourself and have a good time there’s also a need for balance and friendship.


The Moon moves through Scorpio and the highest sector of your horoscope, so shine & be seen, Aquarius!

Spotlight ways you’ve advanced and recognize where you might garner praise from those around you. Make the most of progress made towards goals, your career, or around your worldly role and appearance in the public eye – your vocation or reputation.

While Taurus Season steers you to consider security, standing, place and home life, the Moon brings you a moment of validation and recognition – even a new title or role to follow in the world.

Illuminate the ways you follow your true north and calling, resonating with your professional life and purpose, and the slow unfolding of success at large.


Taurus represents your ability to nest, nurture, and come home to roost, and now, as four planets gather in this sign of stable pastures and domesticity you make be keen to please those under your roof, or show up for parents or those that connect you to your past, roots and emotional foundations.

Grapple with your surroundings, enjoying a connection to your four walls and those within your sanctuary, feeding yourself, and your family or friends!

Know you can settle in, with firm footing beneath you, Aquarius. As ardent Mars moves through your sector of daily duty and toil you can amp up efforts in the most routine ways – devoting energy to the way you stay fit, healthy, and care even more about those under your roof or who support you in ways that are practical (your doctor, gym buddy, dentist or assistant).


Create space to be seen, recognized and praised as you advance toward your goals and ambitions, Aquarius.

Full Moons are times of maximum light as the luminaries both shine with importance, and at this lunation you can celebrate ways you step up to be honoured with a moment of acknowledgement; you may be notorious for your leadership qualities, or have reason to take the mic or stand…

As it’s Taurus Season, there’s a strong sense of ‘finding your feet’ and your foundations, presently, with home life or your inner emotional senses a hot topic. Yet aside from steady ground be sure to cast your gaze toward accomplishments and achievements – even if it’s only you that knows how much steps to get ahead really mean.


The Moon moves through Scorpio and your house of travel, truth seeking, foreign ventures and personal quests – the area of education and higher thought, of moral codes, faith and religion.

While Taurus Season steers you to consider your own mindset and local connections, the Moon asks you to acknowledge where you’ve developed and grown–shine a light on what’s you’ve learned soaking up wisdom, passing it on.

Spotlight the philosophies that have captured your interest, or the platform you now use to broadcast important sentiments, Pisces. While Taurus Season is your time to develop connections and close ties the Full Moon urges you to go above and beyond! Announce what you’re educated yourself about, or what you now know to be true!


Mars now moves through Cancer and the fertile sector of your horoscope, signaling a time to devote energy to your greatest loves and pleasures – while this could signal romance and a high drive toward dating or love making and sex, you could also turn up the heat on hobbies sports or chasing your kids around the park!

Consider any activities that get your heart racing and also raise a smile.

Four planets appear in Taurus and your house of local neighbourly ties, communication skills, and thoughtful connection, so there’s also a focus on your voice and ways you come together among kindred spirits to speak up and be heard on issues that affect your local area or siblings. Be interested in opinions and mindsets that reveal more about you and your thinking.


Take a moment to emphasize your voice, and the way you stay attuned to what’s going on; note what you’re keen to say, learn, orate and verbalize, or the way you navigate and make your way. With four planets in your communication zone it’s a time to relate – soak up information like a sponge!

Learn new skills –from driving or riding a bike, to language, slang or social media lingo. Grow close to common ties in your local environment, yet note you’ll also want to consider other perspectives that challenge you to look a little more deeply at life.

As the Moon shines in your philosophical ninth house note what you’ve explored, experienced & discovered, a journey you’ve been on, the broadsheets or social platforms, teachers and guides you subscribe to! Ask for more to be revealed and you’ll surely be put in touch with the right people and information today!

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