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Hey Gemini – Go For Glitter!


Give Me Glitter, Give Me Jewels (Make Sure They’re Shiny-Shiny…)


– Go For Glitter!

Gemini – they can take shimmer and shine in spades!

Those born under the sign of the Twins are ruled by Mercury – the flighty, light-footed messenger god. He is Loci, he is naughty, he is Diablo – the dual natured devil!

He is the magpie that loves a twinkle…

And those born under Gemini have a distinct twinkle in their eye!

You’ll notice it even more when they’ve got mischief on the mind – their eyes will positively sparkle!

Perhaps that’s why gorgeous Gemini wears the most twinkly garments with ease…


Sun In Gemini Stars Denise Van Outen, Nicole Kidman, Ginnifer Goodwin, Adriana Lima, Kylie Minogue And Judy Garland…

Gemini can wear diamonte, sequins, even lights with absolute certainty, just see the stars above!

The Glitterati – Stars That Shine!


Sun In Gemini Stars Heidi Klum, Katie Price, Liz Hurley, Amy Childs & Kylie Minogue

OK, so maybe you’re a little more understated, in which case a gorgeous pair of big drop earrings will work nicely around your face.

Venus In Gemini Wears It Well…


Sun In Taurus, Venus In Gemini – Cher

It’s not only the Sun sign Gemini’s that wear it well but those with Venus in Gemini too – take Taurus star Cher who brings butterflies and glitter to another level…

Gemini Glitter Makes Hollywood Legends


Judy Garland And Marilyn Monroe Add A Touch…

From the super glitzy get-up seen on the stars, to the notorious accessories of Marylin and Judy, there’s no denying those Gemini’s have a special affinity with all thinks glittery…

Fashion Advice For Gorgeous Gemini

Make it sparkle, make it SHINY SHINY!

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