Gemini Style – It’s Mischief And Mayhem!

Get ready for cheeky stars – it’s the Gemini gang!


– More Than A Twinkle, They’re Mischief & Mayhem!

You know about those Cancerian Rebels but you’re also convinced Gemini is just a bit naughty, right?

You’re NOT wrong.

Gemini folk have a twinkle in their eye and love to push boundaries and press buttons – just look at them go!

Whether its mental gymnastics they bounce around a court or subliminal jokes they’re weaving, this quick sign needs to keep themselves entertained and stimulated.

They can’t help but turn dull conversations into more interesting ones with another layer of messing messaging – nice when its lighthearted, don’t let the joke be on you! Laugh with the Twins or feel the trickster at play…

The dual nature of Gemini is wily – the dual one, Diablo, the Devil himself could be a Gemini with idle hands… So remember, at best Geminis are skilled communicators, intelligent, versatile, spontaneous and witty. At worst? Edgy, shifty, superficial and cunning…

Naughty Naomi Campbell

Naomi has a record of bad behaviour, including notoriously throwing a mobile phone at her maid in 1998 – and that must’ve been a brick of a phone in those days!

How very Gemini major *sign of communication* comin’ atcha…

Cheeky Amy Schumer

American stand-up comedian, writer, actress, producer – Amy looks like mischief!

Lauryn Hill


Back in ’96, Lauryn Hill of The Fugees made comments during an MTV interview, proclaiming she’d rather see her child starve than have a white kid buy her album.

Rumours about the comment varied from telling to telling, and was kinda bad for Hill – a Gemini’s mouth running wild?!

Yes. Totally possible she didn’t really mean it…

Such Sass… Iggy Azalea

Azalea said herself she’s not an ideal role model and “isn’t trying to be an example for anyone.” She’s notoriously bad at keeping her mouth shut on Twitter, popping off at Snoop Dogg, former mentor T.I., and fellow Gemini Azealia Banks…

Azealia Banks

gemini-Azealia Banks

Known for her public spats on Twitter, Azealia’s behavior on social media could be destroying her career. Read about what she says in Time online.

Denise Van Outen

Not just a pretty face, quick-witted Denise made for a smart co-host alongside comedian Johnny Vaughan back in the day.

Katie Price

A model with two sides (alter ego Jordan/Katie), this star was forced to defend herself after comments about her disabled son Harvey. As a reality TV star she’s regularly caught coming out with corkers…

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Jovial Joan Rivers

Cringe! Read some of comedian Joan Rivers most controversial statements here, total MISCHIEF.

Dynasty Diva Jackie Collins

Who but a Gemini could play a vicious, vengeful ex-wife on prime-time drama Dynasty?

Possibly a Scorpio.

Actress Joan Collins played Alexis Carrington Colby with flair. Meddling and Mischief!

Mouthy Mel B

gemini-mel b

Naughty and nice, Mel B was known for her zealous nature, banter and generally outlandish nature during her days in the Spice Girls, giving her the name Scary!

Marilyn Monroe

gemini-marilyn monroe

Girl what you prayin’ for?

The Guys…


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Johnny Depp, accused by his former girlfriend (Taurus Amber Heard) of bad boy behaviour, including domestic abuse.

Colin Farrell


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Loveable rogue Colin has a reputation as a hell raiser, however he seems to have left his misdemeanours behind him as a Gemini that’s cleaned up his act…

Kanye West


A post shared by Kanye West ⚡ (@kanyewestarchive) on

One of the most controversial people today, Kanye has seen his share of press attention for naughtiness, including walking up on stage to put in his two cents during Taylor Swifts acceptance speech, cozying up to villain Trump (also a Gemini) and probably we’ve not seen the last of his wild card antics.


The worst of the worst. This Gemini needs a permanent gag.

Advice for Gemini?

Do do naughty in style, don’t say something you might regret



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