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Superstar Cher…

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Cher’s Star Sign Style!

☆ Sun In Taurus ☆ Moon In Capricorn ☆ Venus In Gemini ☆ Cancer Rising

Venus In Gemini – Loves To Sparkle…


Before there was Gaga there was stunning Cher.

1970s glam rock fashion allowed experimentation with bags of diamante but the gorgeous Gemini side to Cher kept them in her closet, carrying them through the 80s, 90s and today! Read all about the Gemini penchant in Go Go Glitter!

Cancer Rising, Pisces On The Midheaven…


The combination of our rising sign and midheaven dictates how we’re perceived outwardly – the person people meet and greet and the reputation that precedes us. The midheaven carries a message about who we are, and I love that Cher’s Pisces message translated into her role in Mermaids in 1990.

Cher’s Birth Chart


Born 20th May, 1946 At 7.25am In El Centro, California

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