Celebrity Astrology: The Best Gemini Rappers…

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Tupac Shakur: Sun, Mercury, Venus in Gemini

 June 16, 1971

“Look in my eyes and you’ll find peace / A gemini, so you really blow my mind freak, c’mon.” Let Em Have It

Kanye West: Sun Jupiter Conjunction in Gemini

June 8, 1977

“The ultimate Gemini has survived / I wasn’t supposed to make it past 25.” Saint Pablo

The Notorious B.I.G.: Sun & Saturn in Gemini

May 21, 1972

Lauryn Hill: Sun & Mercury in Gemini

May 26, 1975

 “Like I’m Gemini, rather Simeon / If I Jimmy on this lock I could pop it.” Final Hour

Jadakiss: Sun & Mercury in Gemini

May 27, 1975

 “A Gemini n**** with mood swings, had the fiends lookin’ for new things / I stop playing with birds, and started playin with words.” Bring You Down

Kendrick Lamar: Sun & Venus in Gemini

June 17, 1987

“Your horoscope is a gemini, two sides / So you better cop everything two times.” Wesley’s Theory

Lisa Lopes: Sun in Gemini
May 27, 1971

“Gemini is my zodiac sign / Feel the beat get ya mind.” Crazy (Fanmail Tour Skit)

André 3000: Sun & Mercury in Gemini
May 27, 1975

“You hear that can’t come near that maybe you need to quit / Because Aquemini is Aquarius and Gemini runnin’ shit like this.” Aquemini, OutKast

Ice Cube: Sun & Mercury in Gemini

June 15, 1969

Mr. T: Sun in Gemini
May 21, 1952

Azealia Banks: Sun in Gemini

May 31, 1991

Iggy Azalea: Sun in Gemini

June 7, 1990


 June 19, 1983

“And you know what I’m saying? / I’m tryna get that in my life / Gemini.” How to Play the Flute

Cee Lo Green: Sun in Gemini

May 30, 1975

Waka Flocka Flame

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May 31, 1986

“Cant lose, man, I got to win / Gemini, so I keep two glocks.” Smoke, Drank

Remy Ma

May 30, 1980

“I got two sides, I’m a true Gemini / Loco when I’m for dolo, worse when I’m high.” Respect Mine

Fetty Wap

June 7, 1991

Big L

May 30, 1974


May 24, 1989

“I know a Gemini can be confusing / Split right down the middle like there’s two of me.” The Beautiful & Damned

Heavy D

May 24, 1967

Mark Wahlberg: Sun in Gemini

June 5, 1971

May 31, 1997

 “I’m a Gemini so that’s really a threesome (Yeah).” Squidward Nose

Trippie Redd: Sun in Gemini

June 18, 1999

MC Ren

June 16, 1969

Vic Mensa

June 6, 1993

June 2, 1970

“Then try and test this, buddha blessed Gemini / You get thrown, sent home in a coffin / Punk stuff don’t make it back, very often.” Throw Your Hands in the Air, Cypress Hill

Darryl McDaniels

 May 31, 1964

Kodak Black

June 11, 1997

“Gemini, woke up on the wrong side of the sheets / Like really I shoulda been born on Halloween.” Halloween

Mel B.: Sun & Mercury in Gemini

May 29, 1975

Sage The Gemini: Sun in Gemini

 June 20, 1992

Takeoff: Sun in Gemini

June 18, 1994

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